V Rising Fishing Guide: Where to Find Fish and How to Catch Them

Wondering how to fish or find fishing spots in V Rising? Our guide tells you how to get a rod and where to fish.

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Fish are an important resource in V Rising, from providing necessary oil and fish bones to being used to keep your prisoners healthy. If you’re in need of more fish or having trouble obtaining them in the first place, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide tells you everything you need to know, including where to find fish and how to catch them.

V Rising Fishing Explained

How to Fish in V Rising

While you can buy V Rising fish from a Shady Goods Vendor, catching them yourself will save you time and coin. Before you can start reeling in any fish, however, you’ll need a rod.

How to Get a Fishing Rod

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To get the Fishing Rod recipe, you’ll need to defeat the V Blood boss Rufus the Foreman. You can find him in the Bandit Logging Camp on the eastern side of the Farbane Woods. Once vanquished, you’ll obtain the plans for a Woodworking Workshop and the Fishing Pole. The Woodworking Workshop is needed to create the Fishing Pole, which takes:

  • Plank x8
  • Copper Ingot x4
  • Coarse Thread x4

How to Use the Fishing Pole

Once you have the Fishing Pole, you’ll want to stay on the lookout for bubbling spots of water. These water spots are where to cast your line. Have your Fishing Pole equipped, then click on the agitated water spot. You’ll need to reel in the line when the water pulses, as if a small explosion was set off underwater. Each fishing spot only offers one prize, so once you reel in your line, you’ll have to find another location to fish at.

Where to Find Fish

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Each fish has a different spawn area where you can find it. As a note, there are no fishing spots to be found in Gloomrot.

  • Twilight Snapper: Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Hallowed Mountains, Silverlight Hills, Cursed Forest
  • Fat Goby: Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Hallowed Mountains, Silverlight Hills, Cursed Forest
  • Fierce Stinger: Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Hallowed Mountains
  • Golden River Bass: Silverlight Hills
  • Blood Snapper: Cursed Forest
  • Swamp Dweller: Cursed Forest
  • Sage Fish: Dunley Farmlands, Silverlight Hills
  • Rainbow Trout: Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Silverlight Hills
  • The Fish: Cursed Forest

Fishing Spot Locations

Farbane Woods
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Dunley Farmlands
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Silverlight Hills
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Cursed Woods
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Hallowed Mountains
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Other Catchable Items

Fish are not the only things that can be caught when fishing in V Rising. Other items often come up when you reel in your line.

  • Recipe Books
  • Helmets and Hats
  • Crafting Materials, like Scourgestone
  • Gems
  • Cloaks

If you’re looking to obtain Oil or Fish Bones, you’ll need the Devourer Chest to salvage them from the fish. You can get this recipe by defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer. If you’re just using the fish to feed prisoners, then you don’t need to do any further processing; just give it to the prisoners to rejuvenate them.

That’s all you need to know to get fishing in V Rising. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out the rest of our V Rising guides.

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