V Rising: How to Get Leather

You'll need to get a Tannery up and running before you can craft Leather in V Rising.

You'll need to get a Tannery up and running before you can craft Leather in V Rising.

You’ll need Leather for a whole swath of craftables in V Rising, but like many materials in the game, you’re not just going to get your hands on stacks of it without some effort. You can find Leather as loot at some camps, but you’ll need to craft your own to have a functional amount of this material.

How to Get Leather in V Rising

One of the many crafting materials you pick up in the early phase of a playthrough is Animal Hide, which can be held in stacks up to 500, just as with other crafting materials. Animal Hide drops from wolves, bears, and even deer.

You’ll need a ton of Animal Hide to meet your Leather needs; it takes 16 Animal Hide to make a piece of Leather. But before you can start, you first must make the workstation to craft the Leather itself.

The Tannery is required to craft Leather. To gain access to the Tannery workstation, kill a V Blood carrier named Keely the Frost Archer.

You can use the Blood Altar at your base to select Keely the Frost Archer and hunt her down by scent, but you can also save yourself some time and locate her at the camp marked on the map below. Keely the Frost Archer is level 20 and can be found at a large Bandit Trapper Camp in East Farbane Woods.

Once you slay Keely the Frost Archer, you’ll unlock the Tannery to make Leather. You’ll need eight Planks and 160 Animal Hide to build the Tannery itself, and again, it takes 16 Animal Hide to make a single piece of Leather. At least you don’t have to manually mind the Tannery after going through all this effort.

That’s all you need to know about how to make Leather in V Rising. Keep an eye open for more V Rising guides here on GameSkinny.

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