Running around in Frog Form in V Rising
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V Rising Toad Form Guide: How to Unlock and Use the Ability

Here's a V Rising Toad Form guide that discusses how to unlock and use this ability.

In V Rising, the Toad Form is one of the most disliked forms you can unlock in the game. This intense dislike stems from the numerous changes and nerfs it has undergone during the game’s early access and 1.0 release. After using it, you might wonder what purpose it serves other than simply jumping around the map. Here’s a V Rising Toad Form guide that discusses how to unlock and use this ability.

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How to Get Toad Form in V Rising

Obtaining the Toad Form ability in V Rising can be challenging because it requires defeating Albert, The Duke of Balaton, a formidable level 64 V Blood Carrier. You will find him in the treacherous Swamp of Greed, located on the northern edge of the Cursed Forest. Defeating him is not a task for the faint of heart, so don’t worry about beating him for Frog Form early unless you want to unlock the Coin recipes for your Fabricator, which is extremely useful for helping your late game.

How to Beat Albert the Duke of Balaton in V Rising

Defeating Albert the Duke of Balaton in V Rising
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Albert, the Duke of Balaton in V Rising, is one of the most hated bosses due to his random attacks and the difficulty of his frog minions that help him fight you. However, when fighting him, you should keep a few things in mind that’ll make him much more manageable to beat.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that The Duke’s attacks, and those of his frog minions, will slow you if they hit you. A single hit will cause you to lose the battle, so be as stable and mobile as possible. Moreover, he has the ability to anticipate your movements when he leaps, so it’s essential to keep changing directions when you see him or his frog minions in mid-air. I discovered that maintaining a constant left-right movement by pressing the A and D keys on my keyboard disrupted this anticipation, causing them to miss their leaps consistently.

How to Use Toad Form in V Rising

Jumping while in Frog Form in V Rising.
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The Toad Form grants access to the Leap ability, enabling players to jump up to certain ledges in the gain otherwise inaccessible. In addition, it has three charges and an 8-second cooldown. However, if you take damage, the effect is canceled. While Toad Form may seem extremely useful, it was nerfed in early access and seems like it will be utterly useless once Gloomrot is released.

For instance, before the nerfs, you could use Frog Form for PvP raids of player castles. With patience and luck, you could jump into someone’s castle, and it was nearly undefendable. That is no longer the case. In addition, you can’t use Frog Form for most ledges or get into mines using the ability since they are one-way.

Despite the changes, the Toad Form still has a few key uses. Its most valuable ability is to jump over rivers and streams, a crucial skill when navigating areas like swamplands or avoiding the bridge by Brighthaven if your gear level isn’t high enough. In PvP, the Toad Form can still be used to access another player’s land if it borders yours and is one tier above yours.

Now that you have used our V Rising Toad Form guide to learn how to unlock and use this ability, you’ll know exactly when and where to use it. Check out our V Rising hub for additional guides like our Armor Tier List so you know exactly what armor to focus on.

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