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V63 Zweihander Fallout 76 Guide: Where to Get and Best Build

Here's a V63 Zweihander Fallout 76 guide that discusses where to get it and the best build.

The V63 Zweihander is a two-handed melee weapon introduced during the Skyline Valley update for Fallout 76. Despite being unable to reroll its legendary effects, it is the game’s best non-auto two-handed melee weapon. Here’s a V63 Zweihander Fallout 76 guide that discusses where to get it and the best build.

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Where to get the V63 Zweihander in Fallout 76

You will have a 100% chance to obtain the V63 Zweihaender when finishing The Eye of the Storm quest. This quest is the last quest in the Skyline Valley quest chain with Hugo Stolz. If you are not level 50 yet, then I recommend waiting to hit level 50 before completing this quest so you receive a level 50 version of the weapon. You’ll receive this weapon as a quest reward, regardless of your choice, at the end of the mission.

A couple of important notes about the Zweihaender are that it uses the curve table for Grognak’s Axe for its physical damage, and its energy damage scales with your Strength stat. Based on these two facts, we’ve created the best build for the V63 Zweihaender in Fallout 76.

Best V63 Zweihander Build in Fallout 76

The V63 Zweihander is an interesting legendary weapon because you cannot reroll its Legendary Effects. However, the Executioner effect makes it so effective, even more than the War Glaive. The build below works off of buffing your Strength stat as much as possible while playing with low health to boost your damage and survivability. Finally, you’ll have four points to play with however you want to customize this build to your liking.

  • Perks:
    • Strength:
      • The below Strength perks will increase the damage you do with two-handed melee weapons. Since you’ll receive a considerable boost to melee damage from your Strength stat, you can also rank down your Slugger perks in favor of the Blocker perk for extra survivability. In addition, if you aren’t using Power Armor, then Barbarian would be another good survivability perk.
        • Incisor – Rank 3
        • Martial Artist – Rank 3
        • Slugger – Rank 3
        • Master Slugger – Rank 3
        • Expert Slugger – Rank 3
    • Perception:
      • Your Choice
    • Endurance:
      • Since Energy Damage scales with Strength, you can buff your damage a ton using the Radicool perk.
        • Lifegiver – Rank 4
        • Fireproof – Rank 3
        • Radicool – Rank 1
    • Charisma:
      • You can swap out the Lone Wanderer perk for a team-based perk if you play with other people.
        • Lone Wanderer – Rank 4
        • Tenderizer – Rank 3
    • Intelligence:
      • Since you will be playing at low health because of the Radicool perk, the Nerd Rage perk will provide you with increased damage resistance, additional damage, and more AP.
        • Nerd Rage – Rank 3
    • Agility:
      • Action Boy/Girl helps you maintain your AP at all times, which is necessary since power attacks require AP to perform.
        • Action Girl – Rank 3
        • Adrenaline – Rank 5
    • Luck
      • The Starched Genes and Class Act perks help you maintain any mutations you acquire without being fully affected by their negatives. Carnivore is an essential mutation for this build, which provides double the consumable buffs.
        • Bloody Mess – Rank 3
        • Class Act – Rank 3
        • Starched Genes – Rank 2
  • Legendary Perks:
    • Collateral Damage
    • Hack and Slash
  • Legendary Effects:
    • You can’t reroll the legendary effects on the Zweihander.
  • Mutations:
    • Adrenal Reaction
    • Carnivore

Getting a Strength bonus from eating food items like Deathclaw Wellington and Deathclaw Steak is essential to this build. You can also get an additional boost to your Melee damage by eating Tasty Yao Guai Roast, Tasty Mutton Meat Pie, or Tasty Mutant Hound Stew.

Now that you have used our Zweihander Fallout 76 Guide, you’ll know how to get one of the newest and best two-handed melee weapons in the game. Check out our Fallout 76 guide hub for more guides like Plasma Cutter Guide: How to Get and Best Build, if you want to obtain the best one-handed melee weapon in Fallout 76.

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