Here are five essential tips on how to increase your chances at winning and rank up fast in Valorant.

Valorant Guide: How to Rank Up Fast

Here are five essential tips on how to increase your chances at winning and rank up fast in Valorant.
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Valorant, a brand-new f2p first-person shooter from Riot Games, proves to be one of the few rival offerings on the market dominated by Counter Strike.

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Here you will find five essential tips that will help you rank up fast in Valorant. How do you rank up quickly? By winning, of course! Or at least raking in the kills.

This game is precise and fast, just like one would expect from any worthwhile competitive shooter. Take the information below into account whether you’re new to the genre, or just new to Valorant itself.

How to Rank Up Fast in Valorant

Mouse Sensitivity

FPS games are notoriously dependent on maximum mouse control, since response time is key in competitive FPS games.

That’s why it’s so important to set up your mouse sensitivity to either 400 DPI, for slower more precise type of gameplay, or 800 DPI, for a faster and more dynamic playstyle. Valorant players should never consider going higher than that unless your are a true prodigy.

The same goes for in-game sensitivity settings. Set them at 0.7 for 400 DPI and 0.5 for 800 DPI. This will nicely balance things out and your crosshair will never miss a point from then on.

You can also increase your overall mouse precision by activating this mode in your Windows Control Panel:

  1. Go to “Mouse Properties
  2. Select “Pointer Options” tab
  3. Check the “Enhance pointer precision” option
Graphics Settings

You may ask, what graphics settings have got to do with your performance. But if your game runs on low framerate, this means that you will have less chance to win.

That’s why you need to go to the game’s Graphics Quality settings menu and turn down your graphical settings bit by bit until you reach a stable framerate, regardless of your rig’s specs.

Aim for Headshots

When you’ve set your mouse sensitivity to comfortable levels, it’s important to develop a habit of aiming at the enemy heads.

This means that you should always keep your crosshair on the head and shoulders levels. Also, avoid pointing down when you’re playing, as this will delay your reaction for a proper headshot.

Actually, a lower mouse sensitivity is very good for this purpose unless you are abnormally precise, so aim for 300-400 DPI, if you want to be good at headshots.

Learn to Read Your Minimap

On-screen minimap is one of your most important visual tools in Valorant. Properly set minimap can give you so much valuable information about the position of your enemies that it is crucial to observe it as much as possible.

Apply the following settings to your minimap in the game’s menu for maximum value:

  1. Rotate: On
  2. Keep Player Centered: On
  3. Minimap size: 1.1
  4. Minimap zoom: 0.9
  5. Minimap vision cones: Off
Smoke Utilities

Smoke abilities are super useful and will help you win many games if used correctly, especially those of Brimstone.

One of the biggest mistakes that players do is that they use all their smokes as early as possible. However, the best way to use smoke clouds is before the final clash, when the fate of the match-up is being decided.

You can use the smokes to take an advantage in the most crucial moment in the game and win almost every time.

That’s it on how to rank up fast in Valorant, and be sure to come back soon for more related Valorant guides at GameSkinny.

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