Vampire Survivors: How to Evolve Report!

Report! can evolve into an even more powerful weapon called Emergency Meeting in Vampire Survivors.

Among Us Crewmate as playable character in Vampire Survivors
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The Emergency Meeting DLC for Vampire Survivors has introduced a brand new map, weapons and characters to play as. This Among Us crossover has some great items for fans of both games. In this guide, I’ll show you how to evolve Report! in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get Report! in Vampire Survivors’ Emergency Meeting DLC

Before you can get your hands on the Report! weapon, you’ll need to unlock a new character: Crewmate Dino from Among Us. To get Cremate Dino, head straight down from the starting position of the new Polus Replica map. If you head south in a straight line, you’ll eventually come across a coffin that will reveal Dino.

The coffin is located pretty far away, so you’ll run into a lot of enemies along the way. If you’re only concerned about unlocking Dino, I recommend running straight there and ignoring as many enemies as you can. Upgrade your movement speed whenever you can.

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How to Unlock Report! After Getting Dino

To unlock the Report! weapon after getting Dino, you’ll have to survive the Polus Replica map for 15 minutes playing as Crewmate Dino. I found that leveling up your movement speed, health, and AoE attacks are the best way to survive that long. This will ensure you can maneuver around the hordes of enemies while being able to deal damage to as many enemies as possible.

How to Use Report!

Once you’ve survived 15 minutes as Dino, you you’ll automatically unlock Report! and can use it for your next round. Like every other weapon in the game, the weapon will automatically attack after a short cool down period. It will automatically level and become stronger the more you use it.

How do You Evolve Report! into Emergency Meeting?

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Now that you have the Report! weapon, you can evolve it to make it even more powerful. There are two things you’ll need to complete to do this. The first is to upgrade Report! to Level 8. Then you’ll have to get a Mini Crewmate and improve it to Level 3. The next treasure chest you pick up will evolve your Report! to Emergency Meeting.

To get a Mini Crewmate, go to the middle of the Polus Replica. When you collect enough experience, there will be a random chance for you to upgrade the it, so do that whenever you can.

That’s how to get and evolve Report! into Emergency Meeting in Vampire Survivors. Check out our dedicated VS guides hub for more topics on the action roguelite.

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