Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions Guide

Evolution allows for better, more powerful weapons in Vampire Survivors. Here's how to do it.

Evolution allows for better, more powerful weapons in Vampire Survivors. Here's how to do it.

You’re going to start looking into weapon evolution the further you get into your Vampire Survivors runs. You’ll find yourself facing much tougher waves of enemies, so it helps to get any edge you can afford. Weapon evolution gives just that.

How to Evolve Your Weapons in Vampire Survivors

In order to evolve a weapon in Vampire Survivors, you’re going to need three things: a weapon, its passive item, and a treasure chest.

To start, you’re going to need to level the weapon you intend to evolve up to Level 8. You will begin with a single base weapon to start, and as you level up your character, you will have opportunities to select from pools of new weapons to unlock.

In order to upgrade your weapon, you need to use these opportunities to select the weapon you already own. This will level it up.

You are also going to need the weapon’s associated passive item. These are items that you can select to unlock upon level up, similar to weapons. However, they provide bonuses to your character’s stats.

Know what passive item you need for your weapon to evolve it, and keep a sharp eye out for it during level-ups. Every passive item ties to a weapon, however not every weapon has a passive item, and those that don’t do not have evolutions.

Evolved weapons are very similar to their base weapon counterparts, though they often deal more damage, have shorter cooldowns, or have larger areas of attack.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions


Passive Weapon: Candelabrador
Evolution: Death Spiral

Shoots out nine scythes that slowly spin around the player and damage enemies they hit.


Passive Weapon: Clover
Evolution: Heaven Sword

Like the Cross, this sword acts as a boomerang, but moving with a quicker speed and with more than double damage.

Fire Wand

Passive Weapon: Spinach
Evolution: Hellfire

Projects meteors that deal very high base damage, but move relatively slowly. After some time, the meteors will begin to pass through walls.


Passive Weapon: Pummarola
Evolution: Soul Eater

Encases your character in a black glow that damages any enemy that steps into it. It has a greater area than Garlic.

Gatti Amari

Passive Weapon: Stone Mask
Evolution: Vicious Hunger

Summons large eyeballs that damage enemies they collide with.

King Bible

Passive Weapon: Spellbinder
Evolution: Unholy Vespers

Floating symbols orbit around the player and damage any enemies they contact. It has a longer duration and a larger area than the King Bible.


Passive Weapon: Bracer
Evolution: Thousand Edge

An endless barrage of fast-moving knives are spewed in the direction your are moving or facing.

Lightning Ring

Passive Weapon: Duplicator
Evolution: Thunder Loop

Lightning strikes random enemies, leaving lingering area-of-effect damage circles, then strikes again shortly there after. 

Magic Wand

Passive Weapon: Empty Tome
Evolution: Holy Wand

Fires an attack of missiles that home in on the nearest enemy. Attacks can be made more frequently and are faster.


Passive Weapon: Crown
Evolution: Gorgeous Moon

Instantly kills the enemies on the screen, but leaves pickups behind.


Passive Weapon: Armor
Evolution: NO FUTURE

Shoots lasers in random direction that bounce around the play area, exploding at each collision. 

Santa Water

Passive Weapon: Attractorb
Evolution: La Borra

Rains holy water from the sky that spawn blue flames that damage enemies. Flames are larger and stays around longer.

Shadow Pinion

Passive Weapon: Wings
Evolution: Valkyrie Turner

Emits waves of sparkles that slow down permanently. Cooldown is shorter while the area is greater.

Song of Mana

Passive Weapon: Skull O’Maniac
Evolution: Mannajja

Leaves a trail of moving flames behinds you that hurt enemies. If you stop, they will all fire directly ahead of you.


Passive Weapon: Hollow Heart
Evolution: Bloody Tear

Leaves a trail of moving flames behinds you that hurt enemies. If you stop, they will all fire directly ahead of you.

Once you have both your Level 8 weapon and its passive item attained, you need to complete one more task to evolve. You must collect a treasure chest. These are dropped by bosses that spawn at the 10-minute mark of most stages. Additionally, all chests in Dairy Plant and Il Molis will work for evolutions, regardless of when you find them.

The Glowing Bat’s chest in Made Forest may be your best option, as that enemy spawns just one minute into the run, and you are able to use it to evolve a weapon. Chests that normally contain Arcana (which spawn at the 11 and 21-minute marks), will still contain their usual Arcana. You can not use them to evolve. 

When you evolve, you will lose your original starting weapon, but Vampire Survivors is generous in that it lets you keep your passive item, so you can still benefit from those bonuses while you slay with your newfound toy.

If you’re interested in learning more about Vampire Survivors, consider checking out some of our other Vampire Survivors guides.

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