War of the Visions Guide: Best Characters Tier List

Recruit the best possible party in War of the Visions with the help of this best characters tier list guide.

Recruit the best possible party in War of the Visions with the help of this best characters tier list guide.

War of the Visions is a brand new spin-off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for mobile devices. This turn-based tactical RPG offers an adventure that is both familiar and completely new.

You can recruit up to six characters for your party, so you’ve got to plan it out. This best characters tier list guide will help choose characters that can help you beat bosses into the ground, along with suit your tastes.

S-Tier Characters


  • Attack: 79
  • Magic: 266
  • HP: 1636

Mediena is a Black/Green Mage with Ice as her main element of magic.

She is capable of reducing enemy Ice attack resistances for units for three turns and deals heavy magical damage to them. Her abilities are not limited by this alone, and she can do so much more, which is the main reason why she is currently the top unit in War of the Visions.

One of the best black magic abilities Mediena has is Flare. This magical action deals huge amounts of damage to a single target regardless of its position in the area.

But she can also be very supportive of her teammates by increasing their speed for three turns. This can help you finish any brawl much faster, and thus move quicker through various stages of each level.

As for her own protection, Mediena has a Poison Sting Counter, which inflicts poison status on an enemy when she is being attacked.

All this means that Mediena is not only capable of bringing havoc to any brawl with her magic, but also protect herself from damage.


  • Attack: 218
  • Magic: 62
  • HP: 3225

This is the best physical damage dealer in War of the Visions.

Engelbert’s main strength lies in his ability to slash through enemies by dealing a lot of physical damage. The amount of damage dealt increases according to the amount of health he lost during the battle.

His most effective ability as a Paladin is Saint Wall. It’s a shield made of light, which protects Engelbert from any physical damage for three turns. That’s a huge deal.

While Madiena increases the speed of her party members, Engelbert can decrease the speed of his enemies using Speed Break effect.

Lastly, Engelbert’s finest counterattack ability is Fist Counter, which reacts to any damage dealt by an automatic response of a massive blow to an enemy’s torso.


  • Attack: 72
  • Magic: 231
  • HP: 1881

Ayaka is the best support character in the game.

She plays the role of a White/Green Mage with a lot of healing abilities. She is capable of restoring a lot of HP to friendly units, removing Stop effects on allies, and increasing Stop resistance for her allies for three turns with her limit burst, Angel Grace.

Her main healing ability is Full-Life, which allows her to restore any friendly party member to a full life regardless of the amount of HP they lost.

One of the most interesting abilities for Ayaka is Position Swap. It basically makes her swap positions with the target, friendly or unfriendly, within the area of the battle.

Lastly, if you control other mages in your party and wish to prolong their effects, then use Ayaka’s Emerald Echo, which increases the duration of all friendly buffs in the area.

A-Tier Characters

Sterne Leonis

  • Attack: 315
  • Magic: 75
  • HP: 1513

Sterne is very similar in design to Englebert, but instead of being the paladin of light, he is the soldier of darkness.

Sterne also has fewer HP points, which puts him in a slightly lower category than that of Engelbert’s. But it doesn’t mean that he can’t be as effective in battle.

On the contrary, this unit is capable of using its own HP to increase the amount of damage dealt to all enemies within the area. This ability is called Hazard Break, which can be very powerful if used carefully. If you have a healer on your side, then their abilities can be combined to a great effect.

Another one of Sterne’s incredible abilities is Kassatsu, which grants him a 100% buff to his critical hits for one turn. This is a great trick against bosses.


  • Attack: 235
  • Magic: 196
  • HP: 1698

Gilgamesh successfully combines ice magic with some hefty physical attacks.

His best ability is Excalibur, which lets him ignore the tiles that separate him from his targets. It just puts him in front of any enemy regardless of their position in the area, following by a heavy physical hit.

His Self-Sacrifice ability is very similar to Sterne’s Hazard Break. The difference is instead of HP, Gilgamesh looses all of his resistances. Nothing in life is free, and the cost of his huge damage output is taking a fair amount of it himself.

Oelde Leonis

  • Attack: 281
  • Magic: 62
  • HP: 2338

Oelde is an excellent defensive tanky character with a whole lot of HP.

He can create a special barrier around himself that reduces any kind of damage threefold.

However, his best ability is still on the offensive side: Oblivion Glint. This action allows Oelde to deal heavy piercing damage to a target and increases his overall critical hit chance.

If you’re curious about his best defense ability, then it would be Illusion, which increases his own evasive actions and that of his allies.

B-Tier Characters

Robb Hourne

  • Attack: 241
  • Magic: 66
  • HP: 1533

The biggest advantage of Robb is his basic ability to move towards any tile in the area, which makes him an excellent target killer.

Robb’s abilities are highly specialized, and he cannot be considered an all around great character. But if you need to deal with Machine and Stone type enemies, then use his Kongou ability, which deals extra damage against them.

Blue Passion is another great effect, which reduces AP of an enemy target, which is great against bosses that use magic instead of physical attacks.


  • Attack: 225
  • Magic: 64
  • HP: 2079

Xiza is a very good alternative support character to Ayaka.

While she doesn’t specialize in healing effects like Ayaka, she is really good at removing various status effects from herself and her allies.

She can remove Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Stone, Toad, Immobilize, and Disable. Use her Breathing Technique ability, if you wish to deal with all these status effects.

On top of that, Xiza can revive an ally after a knockout, which is also super useful. The Revive ability does exactly that and even restores a little bit of HP.

Her Burst Slash attack is also quite powerful. In addition to the damage an enemy will be moved one tile away from its original position, which can win you some more time.

Macherie Hourne

  • Attack: 107
  • Magic: 209
  • HP: 2074

Macherie plays a role of a Cleric, who is capable of dealing a lot of damage using magical skills. In the process of dealing damage, she can also increase her own resistances to various types of damage and status effects.

Her Esunaga ability is similar to Xiza’s Breathing Technique, which removes various status effects.

Her main ability is Anti-Calamity, which gives immunity to these various effects to an ally for three turns, which is arguably more useful than removing them afterwards.

Lastly, Macherie uses an ability called Magic Counter, which is cappable of countering magical damage. Only a few characters in War of the Visions can do this, so pay close attention to this unit as well.

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