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Warcraft Rumble: Best Baron Build

Here's the most optimal and effective team composition build for Baron Rivendare in Warcraft Rumble.

Baron Rivendare is the lord of the Undead who turns the battlefield into a graveyard by summoning armies of skeletons and absorbing lots of incoming damage. Our guide will provide you with the best Baron build in Warcraft Rumble, which can be well used in both PvE and PvP modes.

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Best Baron Build in Warcraft Rumble

Baron Rivendare and the Necromancer can summon Undead units, so use this swarm tactic to push as much threat on both lanes as possible. This build is designed to overwhelm any opponent with an army of skeletons generated by your leader and other units.

Best Baron Team Composition

Baron Rivendare (Leader)

Place Baron on one of the lanes and summon skeletons using his Chill of the Grave talent. Then, put the Necromancer with his summons on the other lane. Here’s a complete breakdown of talents available to this leader:

  • Death Pact: Periodically sacrifice a nearby Skeleton to be Healed.
  • Skeletal Frenzy: Nearby allied Skeletons gain bloodlust.
  • Chill of the Grave: Summon skeletal Mages instead of Warriors.

But Baron isn’t all-powerful, as he has some weaknesses. For example, he’s weak against Squad units that could easily swarm his side of the lane. But this build does help deal with those weaknesses. Of course, when you pick his lane, you should choose the one with the fewest enemy towers. In that way, you’ll quickly reach the enemy leader.

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  • Ghoul (Cost: 2)
    • Ghoul has tons of health, and it’s cheap to cast. Use them often at the start of the matchup, as there’s a big chance they’ll survive longer than other units.
  • Quilboar (Cost: 2)
    • This unit can be placed anywhere on the map, and it’s cheap. Use it to your strategic advantage and place it near enemy towers and leaders.
  • Harpies (Cost: 3)
    • Harpies fly, have high movement, and shoot poison. But I suggest you deploy them only after your enemy has already used their anti-air means. Also, Harpies have the Squad talent, which makes them viable against one-target units.
  • Necromancer (Cost: 4)
    • Necromancer is the second most important unit in this build after Baron himself, as it also summons skeletons and lots of them. I’d place him on the opposite lane from the Baron’s. Also, Necromancer doesn’t summon ordinary skeletons, but Skeletal Mages that are far more powerful.
  • Gargoyle (Cost: 4)
    • Gargoyle is a backup flying unit for your Harpies. It’s just as effective as Harpies, but more expensive due to its higher health. If you use Gargoyle’s Wing Buffet talent, then you can further increase its speed by 33%.
  • Blizzard (Cost: 4)
    • It’s possible that your enemy also follows the swarm tactics, so in case you get overwhelmed with enemy units, bash them with Blizzard. Not only does it bash enemies, it can be placed anywhere on the map and it slows enemy movement.

That’s all you need to know about the best Baron build in Warcraft Rumble. Stay tuned for more WR tips and tricks articles right here.

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