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Warcraft Rumble PvP screen with red and green buttons.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Warcraft Rumble: Best PvP Builds for Season 1

Make the most out of the PvP meta in Season 1 of Warcraft Rumble with our top builds.

The Season 1 PvP meta in Warcraft Rumble is fast and unpredictable, which makes this format one of the most challenging in the game. Our guide will provide you with the best PvP builds for Season 1 of WoW Rumble, including all the best abilities of the leaders and units.

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Best PvP Builds for Warcraft Rumble Season 1

General Drakkisath PvP Build

Image by GameSkinny
  • General Drakkisath (Leader) — Drakkisath is a tanky dragon who becomes totally unbeatable as soon as you give him the Earth Shield. After that, you can grant all your units in both lanes the Resistant trait using the Chromatic Scales ability. Both your leader and your units will be virtually unstoppable.
  • Defias Bandits (Cost: 1) — This cheap unit is here for only one purpose, and that’s to look for gold in the chests. The Pick Lock ability will allow you to add an extra 2 Gold to every find.
  • Quilboar (Cost: 2) — Quilboar is your fastest unit and can be deployed anywhere on the map with the help of the Unbound trait and the Tunnel Vision ability.
  • Whelp Eggs (Cost: 3) — You can use eggs in various ways, but I prefer their Flame Burst ability the most, which turns them into traps for enemy units. Once they try to attack the eggs, they explode!
  • Darkspear Troll (Cost: 3) — The Darkspear Troll is your lane pusher, capable of healing himself with the help of the Big Bad Voodoo ability. Drakkisath’s Chromatic Scales also help a lot.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot (Cost: 3) — Make good use of this unit’s Gnomish Cloaking Device ability, which makes it invisible to enemy units, and then it deals double damage to them.
  • Frostwolf Shaman (Cost: 4) — This is your healer and the defender of your leader using the Earth Shield, so always keep Frostwolf Shaman and General Drakkisath close to each other.

Sylvanas Windrunner PvP Build

Warcraft Rumble Season 1 Sylvanas Windrunner PvP Build
Image by GameSkinny
  • Sylvanas Windrunner (Leader) — Sylvanas can make her units move very fast with the help of her Windrunner Warchief ability. But her biggest advantage is the Black Arrow ranged attack, which pierces through an entire train of enemy units within a single lane.
  • Quilboar (Cost: 2) — In this build, Quilboar is more useful as a melee attacker who specifically deals with enemy melee units using his Bristleback ability.
  • Dark Iron Miner (Cost: 2) — Use this unit to set up traps that can be deployed with the help of his Gold Mine skill. You can literally mine an entire lane, preventing enemy units from moving forward.
  • Ghoul (Cost: 2) — Ghoul is a unique unit that can consume enemy gold to restore health, but I recommend going even further and utilizing its Bone Shield ability, which grants extra armor when consuming enemy gold.
  • Blizzard (Cost: 4) — If you feel that enemy units start approaching your positions a bit too fast, there’s a lot of benefit in using Blizzard’s Cold Snap talent, which instantly freezes all affected enemy units.
  • Necromancer (Cost: 4) — In response to enemy hordes, use the Necromancer’s Jeweled Skulls talent to summon skeletal mages that deal lots of elemental damage.
  • Stonehoof Tauren (Cost: 4) — If you need to dispose of a dangerous enemy unit quickly, then the best way would be to use the Momentum ability, which grants Stonehoof Tauren extra charge momentum.

Jaina Proudmoore PvP Build

Warcraft Rumble Season 1 Jaina Proudmoore PvP Build
Image by GameSkinny
  • Jaina Proudmoore (Leader) — This build utilizes both spells and units, but if you decide to deploy Jaina herself, then be sure to use her Arcane Brilliance leader ability to make those spells deal more damage. Then, you can switch to her Clearcasting skill, which makes all of her spells cheaper.
  • Arcane Blast (Cost: 1) — This is my favorite spell in the game, as it’s extremely cheap, and it can serve as both a single-target and an AoE damage spell. All you need to do is keep tapping the screen while casting it using the Amplification talent to increase the area of effect.
  • Quilboar (Cost: 2) — Here, Quilboar can really deal a ton of damage with his poisonous Bramble Burst attack.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot (Cost: 3) — At times you need its stealthy talents, but often there’s a need to really push that damage out as quickly as possible, and that’s where the Comin’ in Hot! ability comes in very handy.
  • Blizzard (Cost: 4) — With Jaina as your leader, it’s imperative to increase the damage of your spells, so be sure to utilize the Brittle Ice skill that increases Blizzard’s damage by 30%.
  • Drake (Cost: 4) — Besides being a flying armored dragon unit, which is highly beneficial on its own, use this unit’s Mother Drake talent occasionally to summon some Whelp Eggs in the process.
  • Core Hounds (Cost: 6) — Deploy Core Hounds only when you need to revive your dead units, using its Eternal Bond ability, as it’s quite expensive to cast.

That’s it for our list of the best PvP builds for Season 1 in Warcraft Rumble. Stay tuned for more WR tips and tricks articles right here.

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