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Warcraft Rumble: Best Tirion Build

Here's the most optimal and effective team composition build for Tirion Fordring in Warcraft Rumble.

Tirion Fordring is one of the best leaders in Warcraft Rumble, being both a solid tank and an effective healer. Our guide will provide you with the best Tirion build in the game, which can be well used in both PvE and PvP modes.

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Best Tirion Build in Warcraft Rumble

The main focus of this build is powerful control and support, using Tirion’s talents, such as Divine Shield and By The Light. At first, you need to push your cheaper units in, and once they get bashed, heal and protect them. When the matchup ends, deploy the rest of your more expensive units.

Best Tirion Team Composition

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Tirion Fordring (Leader)

Tirion’s main role in this team is healing, using his By The Light talent most frequently. Of course, he’ll be playing a part as a tank at the end of each matchup.

Murloc Tidehunters (Cost: 2)

Murlocs will mostly deal with flying enemy units, as they can move really fast. I also suggest you split them in half to cover both sides of the lane.

Gryphon Rider (Cost: 2)

This is our own flying unit, which will mostly deal with tougher enemy units. The Odyn’s Fury talent will be very helpful at dealing increased damage.

Blizzard (Cost: 4)

I personally would use Blizzard only as a spell when you start losing grip on the matchup. Once you deploy it, most enemies will be crushed.

Frostwolf Shaman (Cost: 4)

This unit is here to support Tirion’s own healing ability by covering the rest of the lane. Although Earth Shield is a good spell, be sure to also use Earth Totems.

Footmen (Cost: 5)

Footmen may be of great help at the end of the matchup when you need that extra tankiness. Use the Last Stand talent to apply extra 75% armor.

Core Hounds (Cost: 6)

Core Hounds are good only against elemental damage, so use them only in those specific matchups, as they’re quite expensive to cast.

That’s all you need to know about the best Tirion build in Warcraft Rumble. Stay tuned for more WR tips and tricks articles right here.

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