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Warcraft Rumble Can’t Claim Reward Error —Explained

A bug in Warcraft Rumble is preventing players from claiming rewards. Here's what you can try to potentially fix it.

As you battle Hogger in Elwynn Forest or defeat the Dreadnaught in Westfall, you’ll receive sigils to unlock dungeons for more rewards, but it’s frustrating if you can’t claim them. In this guide, we’ll break down the “Can’t Claim Reward” Error in Warcraft Rumble and offer some potential fixes.

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What is the Can’t Claim Reward Error in Warcraft Rumble?

Most new releases experience odd bugs, and Warcraft Rumble is no different. As more players have joined Blizzard’s latest mobile strategy title, several reports have been filed on the bug report forums about an error message preventing players from receiving rewards for completing their dungeon. If you’re running into this issue, you’ve likely gotten the following popup, “Dungeon reward claim failed. Something went wrong when claiming the dungeon reward.”

Others claim that the problem extends outside of dungeons, too. The message “Failed to make popup for claim pending reward” also locks you out of getting rewards and potentially playing the game altogether.

Is There a Fix for the Can’t Claim Reward Error?

Unfortunately, there’s not a definitive fix, and no word from Blizzard about the bug yet. However, there are a few potential solutions you can try so that you can get back to rallying your armies and upgrading your leaders.

Log Out of Warcraft Rumble

Occassionally, you can log out and log in to find your game working just fine. It doesn’t hurt to try this first, as it’s the least invasive troubleshooting method. To do so, click on your character portrait at the top-left of the screen. The option to log out is under the Profile tab.

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Close Out the App and Restart

Whenever an app refuses to work, I always close it out first. Just like resetting your console or restarting your PC, sometimes your device just needs a redo. With that said, you must make sure you actually close out the app completely. If Warcraft Rumble is running, simply going back to your homescreen won’t do a proper reset. It also doesn’t hurt to double-check your application settings and disable background app refresh. Afterwards, try starting the game again to see if the error is gone.

Update Warcraft Rumble

Issues often arise when you’re playing an out-of-date version of a game. Though my phone usually does automatic app updates, there are times I have to go in and manually kickstart them. Check if you have the latest Warcraft Rumble app version. If not, update the game. Though this isn’t guranteed to fix the reward error, you’ll at least be running the latest iteration of the title.

Reinstall the Game

If the error persists, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the app entirely. This is the best chance to give your device a fresh slate and possibly fix the error.

Experiment In-Game

The upside to bugs is that it brings the community together in search of a solution. On Blizzard’s US Warcraft Rumble forums, some players reported that specifically for dungeon rewards, they fixed the error by switching their comps back to the original leaders or minis involved in that dungeon. However, others noted that no amount of switching or questing fixed the error. While I can’t speak to its effectiveness, it doesn’t hurt to experiment in-game, especially if your popup hasn’t locked you out of using the app entirely.

Submit a Ticket

The best way to get an error fixed is to get the developer’s attention. To do so, submit a ticket via Warcraft Rumble‘s official support page.

Those are a few potential fixes to solve the “can’t claim rewards” error in Warcraft Rumble. It’s important to note that these aren’t guranteed to fix the game. In fact, like many frustrating bugs, it might be completely dependent on the developer sending out a new patch. We’ll keep you updated with any changes here at GameSkinny. For more on Warcraft Rumble, check out our guides hub.

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