Here's how to get each of Darktide's currencies and where you can use them.

Warhammer 40k: Darktide Currencies Explained

Here's how to get each of Darktide's currencies and where you can use them.

Once you reach a certain point in your time with Warhammer 40k: Darktide, your primary focus will shift from one currency to others. Ordo Dockets are the most basic currency in Darktide, but their uses are limited by design. The others are another story, and require some extra effort to get your hands on.

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From Diamantine to Aquilas there are five currencies to work with in Darktide. Let’s break them down so you’re not scratching your head over what each one does and how you get them.

Darktide Currency Overview

Ordo Dockets

Ordo Dockets are the plain old money of Darktide. You start the game with a small amount and get them for missions. This is the one currency you can get an idea for how much you’ll be getting per mission, as the mission select screen tells you the base amount of Ordos you’ll receive at the end of a mission.

You can use Ordo Dockets to buy weapons and Curios from the Armoury Exchange, as well as weapon skins and cosmetics from your character from the same vendor.

Eventually, Ordos come in fast and plentiful and no longer become a bottleneck to Armoury purchases. By that point, all that’s stopping you from going nuts is the shop timer.


Plasteel is the second currency you’ll start to accumulate in Darktide, and it is found randomly in missions.

You’ll end up coming across Plasteel fairly often early in the game, with the amount you receive increasing with difficulty level. It spawns randomly throughout a map, though there are set locations for them to randomly spawn.

Plasteel is used for weapon and Curio upgrades at the Shrine of the Omnissiah, but it’s not the only resource you need.


Diamantine starts to show up in Threat Level 2 and above, meaning Uprising difficulty and over, and is used similarly to Plasteel to upgrade and alter weapons and Curios. It’s more rare than Plasteel, but you need less of it to upgrade your equipment.

You receive more Diamantine and Plasteel the higher difficulty mission you play, with a considerable jump in amount between Malice and Heresy. You’ll want to grab up both whenever you see them. They are more akin to crafting materials than currencies.

Requisitorium Coins

What these are actually named is a bit of a mystery, but their function is most important. Requisitorium Coins are obtained by completing contracts at Sire Melt’s Requisitorium, which are Darktide‘s version of weekly quests / tasks.

Each contract grants a different amount of coins, and completing all five for the week gives a full thousand on top. You can reroll them if they’re too troublesome, such as finishing secondary missions on a particular map or collecting and finishing with enough Scriptures or Grimoires.

These coins are used to buy from Sire Melk’s specially selected shop, which rotates only once a day. At level 30, these are Exalted or Transcendant-tier Curios and weapons and it’s generally worth doing your weeklies on the off-chance you’ll find something just right among Melk’s wares.

There is also a ‘Mystery Acquisitions’ lootbox-style option at the Requisitorium, which you should ignore completely.


This part is short and sweet: Aquilas are cash shop, real money currency that there is no way to get organically in-game.

You can only use Aquilas for cosmetics, which can be purchased at The Commodore’s Vestures across from the Armoury Exchange.

Five currencies are more than enough for any game, particularly one that’s not free to play and is mission-focused. There’s plenty else to love about Darktide, though. Check out our Darktide guides and keep an eye out for our upcoming review.

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