How to Tame the Spirit Beast, Gara

Warlords of Draenor: How to Tame Gara

How to Tame the Spirit Beast, Gara
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How to Tame Gara

While Warlords of Draenor brought many new pets for hunters to tame, only one pet stands out among the rest. Gara, the shadow wolf Spirit Beast, can only be obtained through a long, involved quest. The only new pet in Warlords of Draenor with a unique skin, Gara is a prize for any pet collector's stable.

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Weep for the Wolf

Gara, the ghostly wolf who begins this quest, can be found in Shadowmoon Valley, at the Burial Fields (45, 65). Make certain to be Beastmaster spec’d and left-click the wolf to speak to her. An option to [scratch] her ears will appear.

Suitable Food for a Spirit

Once you’ve made nice with Gara, it’s time to pique her interest a little. A rare mob named Mother Om’ra spawns at the Burial Fields. In order to kill her, you must first kill the three Shadowmoon Darkcasters who are casting on her. Upon killing her, you will loot an item called Shadowberry from her corpse. Once you have the Shadowberries in hand, approach Gara once more and right-click on her. You will now be given the option to [show] her the Shadowberries.

Search the World for a Spell

Now that you have triggered this part of the questline, you will be able to loot items off of various mobs across Draenor. Go to each of the zones and kill these specific mobs. The items have a very high drop rate. Once you have gotten each of the items, combine them to form the Spirit Effigy.

List of mobs, locations, and effigy parts:

Trouble Descends!

Once you have created the Spirit Effigy, return to Gara. With the Spirit Effigy in hand, you will be able to see a disturbed grave near the ghostly wolf. Use the Spirit Effigy, which will trigger a short scene involving Mother Om’ra, a Void Lord named Xan, and Gara - whom is spirited away by Xan!

Lighting the Void

To find Gara, first go to the Pillars of Fate on the border between Shadowmoon Valley and Spires of Arak. Kill Shadowmoon Voidtwisters until one of them drops a Void Lantern. Once you have the Void Lantern in hand, return to Shadowmoon Valley and go to the twisted, dying Great Tree Valuundira and use the lantern.

Stabbing Betrayal

Using the lantern will reveal a Voidblade stuck in the side of the tree. Click on the Voidblade, which will place a buff on you, allowing you to phase into the void realm. Once in the void realm, you will be greeted by Gara, now a guardian pet, and a whole lot of elite void lords.

NOTE: Make certain you do not have five pets with you when you click the dagger, or you will not be able to tame Gara.

Tracking Down the Terror

Taking Gara with you, head off into the void and begin killing void lords. These void lords are level 100 elites, so it is probably best to be level 100. At some point between one and one thousand killed (and likely closer to a dozen), Xan will spawn. Defeating Xan will cause Gara to become tameable for a short period of time.

Winning the Wolf

Gara will not fight back during the tame, so simply target her and click tame beast, then enjoy the company of your beautiful new spirit beast.

The quest to tame Gara is an enjoyable romp across the world of Draenor, just difficult enough to make it feel worthwhile when Gara comes bounding to your side as soon as the tame finishes. Enjoy the ride, and enjoy this unique, lovely pet. 

NOTE: Gara may die shortly after the tame. Don’t worry! Just use your pet rez and she’ll be by your side again.

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