Wartales has an impressive number of achievements on Steam.

Wartales Achievements List

Wartales has an impressive number of achievements on Steam.

Wartales is filled with a variety of challenges to complete and Steam Achievements to go with them. As usual, some are on the easier end to complete but others take going out of your way to obtain all Wartales Achievements.

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Getting 100% of the achievements list can potentially take you hundreds of hours. Notably, some achievements do require co-op multiplayer.

How Many Achievements are in Wartales?

Wartales boasts a total of 115 achievements on Steam with one of them being a secret. The game originally started with 66 achievements during it’s Early Access phase, but added 49 more upon fully launching 1.0.

To make things a little easier, there is in-game tracking for the achievements needing multiple items or attacks will pop up when one of the items has been completed. Below you’ll find the complete list of all Steam achievements for Wartales. 

As a note, some of the achievements can act as spoilers as they are based on story quests later in the game. 

All Wartales Achievements

  • A job’s a job: Complete a contract.
  • A taste for comfort: Collect 5 camp material.
  • Victory favours the brave… and the bold: Win a fight using only temporary VPs.
  • In and out, nobody gets hurt: Do not lose any HP in a fight where you are outnumbered.
  • Pest Control: Clean a rat invasion.
  • Tis but a scratch: Have a companion die.
  • A fledgling fellowship: Have a troop of 10 companions.
  • Not today, Death!: Retreat from combat.
  • Sightseer: Complete all quests in a region.
  • Who you gonna call: Defeat the Ghost pack.
  • The legend starts here: Acquire 1 legendary weapon.
  • You don’t scare me: Defeat an Elite.
  • Please observe social distancing: Kill 3 enemies with a single AoE attack.
  • The fate of Tiltren: Finish the Tiltren scenario.
  • Fatherly Love: Defeat the champion of Tiltren.
  • Well, well, well, what have we here?: Find a secret.
  • Explorers: Complete a tomb of the ancients.
  • In it for the money: Earn 1,000 krowns in less than 1 month.
  • Are you not entertained?!: Triumph in an arena.
  • One hell of a hammering: Craft an item of superior quality at forge.
  • Eternal work of art: Complete the Tomb of the Ancients in Tiltren.
  • Public enemy #1: Defeat a guard whilst you are wanted.
  • Started from the bottom: Have a total of 5000 krowns.
  • Big bad wolf: Complete the Tiltren hunt.
  • Survive THIS!: Defeat the champion of Vertruse.
  • The fate of Vertruse: Finish the Vertruse scenario.
  • Poison you said?: Triumph in the Smot arena.
  • A job well done: Complete 5 forges in a row perfectly.
  • The Ghost of Harag: Defeat the champion of Arthes.
  • The fate of Arthes: Finish the Arthes scenario.
  • In conclusion…: Complete all scenario and secondary quests.
  • Built to last: Complete the Tomb of the Ancients in Arthes.
  • Savvy Businessman: Gain 2,000 Krowns by selling Trading Goods.
  • One big happy family: Have a troop of 20 companions (humans and/or animals).
  • A taste for luxury: Eat a feast.
  • The Great Escape: Catch a prisoner that had escaped.
  • The Tiltren Dream: Complete all points of interest in Tiltren.
  • A Hate/Hate Relationship: Two companions hate each other.
  • Prepare for trouble… And make it double: Triumph in the Bernna arena.
  • 28 years later: Defeat the champion of Ludern.
  • Massive weapon incoming: Triumph in the Hoevendorp arena.
  • Are you still not entertained?: Complete 10 minigames in co-op.
  • The Colour of War: Use War Paint on a companion.
  • Judging the book by its cover: Restore a codex in less than 6 guesses.
  • The fate of Ludern: Finish the Ludern scenario.
  • Blood of the vines: Complete all points of interest in Vertruse.
  • Wiping the slate clean: Go from 600 Suspicion to 0 Suspicion.
  • The beehive: Have at least 10 companions assigned to different tools in your camp.
  • Souls mates: Two companions  have declared their love for each other.
  • Travelling light: Build 20 different camp tools.
  • Feels like home: Build a travel post in Tiltren.
  • Territory at war: Complete all points of interest in Arthes.
  • Those about to die will salute you: Complete the Tomb of the Ancients in Ludern.
  • End of freedom: Defeat the champion of Grinmeer.
  • The power of friendship: Complete a county in co-op.
  • Heist of the century: Attack a Golden Merchant Caravan and win, without lettering any merchants flee.
  • The phantom pain: Complete the Arthesian hunt.
  • Not a ghost of a chance: Complete the Vertrusian hunt.
  • Workaholic: Complete 100 contracts in one game.
  • Where the water tastes like wine: Build a travel post in Vertruse.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work: Defeat a Champion in co-op.
  • The only show in town: Triumph in an arena without failing a single requirement.
  • Let me in!: Find a way to enter Alazar’s Embassy, in Grinmeer.
  • War is the most profitable business: Build a travel post in Arthes.
  • This is my swamp.: Complete all points of interest in Ludern.
  • The fate of Grinmeer: Finish the Grinmeer scenario.
  • Stockholm syndrome: One of your prisoners wanted to join your company, and you accepted it.
  • Survivors: Reach day 100 in difficult difficulty.
  • This ship has sailed: Complete the Tomb of the Ancients in Grinmeer.
  • Spice wars: Prepare 10 delicious meals.
  • Coming from old money: Complete the Tomb of the Ancients in Vertruse.
  • Off the beaten track: Build a travel post in Ludern.
  • High and mighty: Triumph in the Lisbeth arena.
  • Secret code: Unmask Rooks.
  • Influence of Bronkers: Complete all points of interest in Grinmeer.
  • This isn’t even my final form: Triumph in the Kriskhed arena.
  • Its vision is based on movement: Behold the beast (Ludern Scenario).
  • In the wolf’s mouth: Complete the Ludernian hunt.
  • Embrace tradition: Defeat the Grinmeerian team in a game of rouste.
  • Dead aim: Craft every ghost weapon.
  • Rags to riches: Build a travel post in Grinmeer.
  • Animal control: Complete the Grinmeerian hunt.
  • The rat pack: Clean 5 different rat invasions.
  • Beware of bites: Capture a cardinal mosquito.
  • No good to man or beast: Triumph in the Nairolf arena.
  • Leader of the pack: Get a company with 1 bear, 1 wolf, 1 boar, and 1 crocswine.
  • In all weathers: Build a travel post in Drombach.
  • Brought a blade to a whip fight: Kill a prisoner with a whip.
  • First aid: as a group, save a companion from dying 10 times in co-op.
  • Only your strongest potions: Equip your whole troupe with oiled weapons.
  • Got some rare things on sale, stranger!: Defeat the champion of Drombach.
  • On our way to slay Hrimgandr: Craft every rimesteel weapon.
  • Treasure hunter: Collect every treasure hidden in Grinmeer.
  • Destroyer of worlds: Complete the Tomb of the Ancients in Dromback.
  • Elected dogcatcher: Complete the Drombachian hunt.
  • Eye to eye: Complete all points of interest in Drombach.
  • Pale ontology: Discover the truth about dragons (quete creatures de legende).
  • Can’t touch it: Defeat the Vertrusian team in a game of rouste.
  • The balls are in your court: Defeat the Tiltrenian team in a game of rouste.
  • God is playing dice: Discover the truth about the Eye’s punishment (quete croyances rationnelles).
  • Jack of all trades: Reach the apprentice level in 8 different jobs.
  • Break a leg: In a game of rouse, have every opponent on the ground at once.
  • Running of the boar: Defeat the Luidernian team in a game of rouste.
  • All modern comforts: Upgrade 10 different camp tools.
  • Soft Kitty, warm kitty…: Pet all the cats.
  • Maze runner: Defeat the Arthesian team in a game of rouste.
  • Written in the stars: Find the Explorer’s treasure.
  • Memento mori: Find the Artist’s treasure.
  • Born to fight: Find the Fighter’s treasure.
  • The fate of Drombach: Finish the Drombach scenario.
  • Et tu, Brute?: Find the Merchant’s treasure.
  • Built to last: Find the Builder’s treasure.
  • Sport in a storm: Defeat the Drombachian team in a game of rouste.
  • Breaking the ice: Capture a snow crawler.
  • I am become death: Find the General’s treasure.

Those are all 115 Wartales achievementsFor help completing these achievements, as well as professions, hunts and more, check out our Wartales guides gallery

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