Ever wondered just what was hiding behind the lock on that chest in Wartales? Here's how to lockpick so you can find out.

Wartales Guide: How to Lockpick

Ever wondered just what was hiding behind the lock on that chest in Wartales? Here's how to lockpick so you can find out.

If you know how to lockpick in Wartales, you’ll find your pockets lined with extra loot for the price of a minigame. As the old saying goes, “Locks only keep the honest people out” and in the war-torn land of Wartales, staying honest in the chaos can put you at a disadvantage.

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As people flee from the conflict ripping the map in two, there are plenty of goodies weighing down chests, loot just waiting for someone to find it. In this Wartales guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to lockpick.

How to Get Lockpicks in Wartales

To lockpick, you need the tools of the trade. Lockpicks can be dropped by enemies like poachers and ruffians, or they can be crafted from iron ore in camp by one of your party members with the Tinkerer profession.

Iron ore can be found along the road, from traders in brown, or from a mine (harvested by a party member with the Miner profession). 

How the Lockpick Minigame Works

Lockpicks can be used to get loot from chests found at POIs like camps, farms, and windmills. To start the lockpicking minigame, you’ll need to click on a chest to unlock the Thief profession and assign it to one of your party members.

The lockpicking minigame is a mixture between the systems found in Skyrim and Oblivion, where you rotate the pick to find the sweet spot but you can have up to three pins to set before the lock is successfully picked. Too much pressure on the wrong spot can cause your pick to break, so it’s best to be patient and approach a chest with a few spares just in case.

NPCs won’t take to your thievery lightly, and you’ll gain suspicion when you lockpick. Suspicion could gain you unwanted attention and cause some trouble with the roving guards, but sometimes you just gotta risk it for the loot biscuit.

And there you have it: now you know all you need to about lockpicking in Wartales. You can now rob the rich to feed the poor or keep your mercenaries paid and happy while you explore the unforgiving lands in Wartales. Make sure to check out some of our other guides for Wartales here on GameSkinny!

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