Wartales: How to Defeat Rat Infestations

Having trouble defeating the Rat Infestations in Wartales? Try out this tips and tricks.

Having trouble defeating the Rat Infestations in Wartales? Try out this tips and tricks.

It seems the world of Wartales is rife with rats! Rat infestations, to be precise. You’ll come across bounty missions to clear rat infestations, and will even come across them across your travels. In either case they pose a challenge, and grant some hefty rewards for clearing out some rats.

How to Clear Out Rat Infestations in Wartales

Rat Infestation Battle Preparation

There are a few different parts of a rat infestation that you need to be aware of.

There are the rats themselves, who heal when poisoned; and the Broodmother, who calls more rats at the end of the round. You’ll also run into plague-infested outgrowths that are surrounded by poison and grant additional loot for being destroyed. The lair itself will also drop rocks at the end of a round. All rats and outgrowths are weak to fire damage.

Here are a few things to focus on before heading into battle:

  • Have multiple companions that can hit multiple targets.
  • Don’t have anyone equipped with poison abilities.
  • Have companions with the First Aid ability.
  • Have any fire related attacks equipped, like a torch on the offhand or flaming arrows.
  • Have plenty of Cure for the Plague in your inventory for after the battle.

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Rat Infestation Battle Tactics 

Once you’re in battle, you’ll want your AoE-focused companions spread out enough so they can hit rats without hitting the Broodmother or other companions. Once the Broodmother is killed, the battle ends.

The areas around the Plague-infested outgrowths will be covered in a poisonous mist, so having heavy hitters go in and take them out quickly is a good tactic. You’ll need companions with First Aid to remove the poison once the outgrowth is destroyed so it take out your companions. You can also use Rangers or Archers for ranged attacks from outside the poison zone.

During the Broodmother’s turn at the end of the round she will call more rats to her. Your companions can quickly become surrounded with 20 to 30 rats in a couple rounds. Taking them out as efficiently as possible is the name of the game. 

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Rat Infestation Loot

Once the battle is won, you’ll get loot based on how many rats and outgrowths were taken out. Here’s the following loot you’ll get: 

  • Pristine Fangs: Used to buy items at the Tracker’s Camp
  • Rats: Food, provides 1 Meat
  • Plagued Leather: Component, Can be traded with Purifiers to obtain Plague Cure
  • Infected Brain: 1 per battle, can be traded for Alchemy recipes
  • Infected Blood: Component, Can be sold to Purifiers
  • Plague-infected Outgrowth Sample: Component, 1 Sample for each outgrowth you destroyed

In addition to the rewards from the battle, if this was a bounty mission that you had taken on, head back to an emissary to receive your Krowns. 

If your companions contracted any Plague during the battle, you’ll want to cure them before resting as that will caused them to become infected. If you don’t have any cure on you, you can find it at an Alchemy shop or obtain it from Purifiers who wander the area. 

That’s what you need to know when it comes to defeating the Rat Infestations in Wartales. They can be challenging, but properly prepared for they’ll offer up great loot. For more assistance in the lands of Wartales, take a moment to peruse our collection of guides

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