Wartales: How to Make Krowns Quick

These are the fastest ways to earn Krowns in Wartales.

These are the fastest ways to earn Krowns in Wartales.

Making Krowns in Wartales can be a tough task. Between buying supplies, paying your troops, and outfitting them, keeping coin in your pocket is a rare feat. These are the best ways to make Krowns quick in Wartales, as well as how to save a few coins in the process. 

How to Make Money Fast in Wartales


Completing bounties is the easiest way for you to earn a large amount of money fast. Most bounties offer 200 Krowns when turned in to an emissary.

At the beginning of the game you’ll be able to take on three bounties at once, but you can increase that number with Path Perks later on. 

When looking at the various Bounties you can accept, make sure to take ones you can complete. If you accidentally take the wrong bounty, it’ll disappear when you remove it from your accepted ones. When first starting it’s best to stick with easy to average Bounties. 

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Bounty Hunting

Bounty Hunting can be initiated by heading to the Tiltren Jail. Purchase some shackles to use on Outlaws while exploring. Once captured, return them to any jail to receive a reward starting at 55 Krowns a head, along with a reduction in Suspicion. 

Knowledge Perks

While a lot of these may seem like a roundabout way of increasing your Krowns, they do work. Having more bounties to choose from, and accept, increases your efficiency when exploring.

Reducing wages increases Krowns kept, as well as potentially helping to pay wages on time. Gross as it may seem, Cannibalism negates most of the cost of buying food since you can get meat from all battles instead of just ones against wildlife.

  • For Money!: Krowns gained after battle increased by 5%.
  • Smooth Talk: Recruitment cost of Companions reduced by 10%.
  • Offer Hunters: Increases by 1 the number of Missions displayed on the List of Bounties.
  • Bountiful Bounties: Increases by 1 the number of Missions you can accept in the List of Bounties.
  • Frugality: Wages paid to Companions reduced by 10%.
  • Cannibalism: You can now devour human corpses.

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Path Perks

Paths are additional ways to advance your troop in the game. By doing certain tasks, such as spending Knowledge points or defeating the Ghost pack, you earn PP.

Once you earn enough in a single path it levels up, allowing you to unlock another bonus. Here are the ones that help with earning Krowns fast.

Power and Glory

While Power and Glory focuses more on forging armor and weapons, there are a couple early game perks you can unlock to help save money. 

  • Improved Restoration: Repair materials and village blacksmiths restore 5 additional Armour points.
  • Strict Rationing: The troop eats 3 less food.

Trade and Craftmanship

Just about every perk in this category will help with your money making endeavors, but there are a few that are especially helpful:

  • Negotiators: Possibility to negotiate Missions in the List of Bounties.
  • Cooperative: Wages paid to Companions reduced by 10%.

Mysteries and Wisdom

Reducing the amount of food your troop needs frees up a significant portion of your money. While you can fish, find mushrooms and fight wild animals for meat, purchasing food in town can be expensive.

Ignoring how much food you have can lead to a lack of food, and starvation reduces happiness. Along with that, increasing your troops strength by adding in animal companions via capturing them costs no money at all. 

  • Asceticism: The troop easts 3 less food.
  • Poachers: Chances to capture an animal increased by 50% (requires Animal Instinct perk).

Highway Robbery 

Merchant caravans seem to have an endless supply of money when you encounter them. They have no balance of Krowns listed and can buy all that you want to sell without issue.

To make the most of this interaction, sell your items to the merchant then attack them. Not only will you get your items back, but you’ll score additional loot and Krowns as well. 

A word of caution, however, as attacking merchant caravans increases your Suspicion significantly. Caravans have multiple guards that can be challenging to fight as well as the merchants themselves will attempt to escape.  

You can do the same thing with the refugees in the area, giving them money or selling them items then attacking them right after. This can be easier as they don’t have as well trained, if any, guards with them.

General Tips to Make Krowns

  • Buy another pony as soon as you can to increase carry weight.
  • Don’t put all your ponies into battle. Keep at least one as a work horse to carry loot in case the others are killed in battle. Being over encumbered drastically slows your movements. 
  • Don’t complete a Mission, even if you know where to go, before you have accepted it from the List of Bounties. You won’t get paid if you don’t have it accepted!
  • Train a Thief and open every locked chest you can. Most of these contain luxury items like gemstones that sell for 20 Krowns or more. 

Those are the best ways to make Krowns quick in Wartales. With these methods you’ll be able to earn the In it for the money achievement as well as expand your troop without fear of running out of funds. For more handy guides, check out our Wartales hub. 

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