Wartales Path Challenges Guide

Paths give you rewards for playing the game the way you want.

Paths give you rewards for playing the game the way you want.
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There are a variety of ways to play Wartalesincluding focusing on Paths and their challenges. Paths are comprised of various activities you do during gameplay, each representing a part of the game. Here’s all the ways to earn experience by completing Path challenges in Wartales. 

The Path you choose in Wartales will become a prime component of how your party grows, each one leaning towards different gameplay-impacting focuses. Each Path has a variety of challenges for you to complete as you push through the game, and in thise guide we’re going to go over all the Path challenges you can take on between the four Wartales Path options.

Wartales Paths 101

There are 14 different challenges per Path, though not all of them are available when you begin the game. Some challenges are unlocked as you progress through the Path, gaining experience.

When you complete challenges, you’ll get experience and level up the Path. Each time you level up the Path you earn Path Points that you can spend on various perks, like higher selling prices or faster running speed. You’re able to complete the challenges multiple times, so you can keep earning Path Points. 

Power and Glory

The Power and Glory Path focuses on battling, Blacksmithing and earning Influence. 

Power and Glory Challenges

  • Blacksmith 1: Forge 5 Tier 1 weapons / armour.
  • Bounty Hunter 1: Complete 5 missions (Easy or Normal).
  • Famous: Gain 100 Influence.
  • Magnanimous: Allow 10 enemies to flee the battle after a loss of morale.
  • Thrower: Throw 10 left-handed weapons (bombs not included).
  • Blacksmith 2: Forge 5 Tier 2 weapons / armour.
  • Gladiator 1: Complete an arena or win a Rouste game in Normal mode.
  • Recklessness: Spend 30 non-temporary Valour Points.
  • Specialist: Improve class skills 3 times.
  • Blacksmith 3: Forge 5 Tier 3 weapons / armour.
  • Safeguarding: Finish 10 fights with no injuries.
  • Bounty Hunter 2: Complete 5 missions (Hard).
  • Blacksmith 4: Forge 5 Tier 4 weapons / armour.
  • Gladiator 2: Complete an arena or win a Rouste game in Hard mode.

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Trade and Craftsmanship

Trade and Craftsmanship deals with paying your Troop on time, selling trade goods, and completing trade missions.

  • Boss: Pay 5 wages on time.
  • Cook: Learn 5 cooking recipes.
  • Good Payer: Rest 10 times with no wage left to pay.
  • Tinkerer: Craft 50 items in the workshop.
  • Trade Mission: Complete 5 trade missions.
  • Good Deals: Buy 10p0 items at a discount.
  • Gourmet: Eat at least 1 feast during 5 meals.
  • Prolific Craftsman: Sell crafted items for a total of 1000 Krowns.
  • Producer: Make 20 items using camp materials.
  • Versatile Craftsman: Gain 10 profession levels.
  • Innovative Craftsman: Craft or upgrade 5 camp materials for the first time.
  • Trader: Build a Travel Post.
  • Legendary Craftsman: Reach Journeyman or Master level in a profession for the first time.
  • Professional Merchants: Sell 10 wares for +50% profit.

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Crime and Chaos

Crime and Chaos is all about stealing, gaining wanted levels and evading the guards. 

  • Dead or Alive: Accumulate 250 Suspicion.
  • Unprincipled: Win 5 ambushes against humans.
  • Pickpocket: Steal 1000 Krowns worth of items.
  • Nimble Fingers: Pick 5 locks.
  • Head Hunter: Send 5 people to jail.
  • Lawless 1: Win 5 fights against the Guard when your Suspicion is under 400.
  • Highwaymen 1: Win 5 fights against merchants.
  • Master Assassin 1: Complete 5 assassination missions (Easy or Normal).
  • Ill-Gotten Gains: Fence 10 item stacks.
  • Dead or Alive 2: Keep a Wanted Level of 3 or more for 7 days.
  • Master Assassin 2: Complete 5 assassination missions (Hard).
  • Backstabbers: Finish off 25 enemies with attacks from behind.
  • Lawless 2: Win a fight against the Guard when your Suspicion is over 400.
  • Highwaymen 2: Catch up to 10 rich caravan merchants in battle.

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Mysteries and Wisdom

This Path deals with alchemy, spending Knowledge Points, and uncovering secrets. 

  • Alchemist 1: Craft 5 Tier 1 Alchemy recipes
  • Reaper: Collect 50 resources
  • Explorer: Discover 5 locations
  • Guinea Pig: Use 3 oils
  • Blaster: Throw 10 bombs
  • Alchemist 2: Craft 5 Tier 2 Alchemy recipes
  • Poacher: Catch 10 animals
  • Encyclopaedist: Spend 5 Knowledge Points 
  • Tracker: Spend 1000 fangs
  • Finder: Find a secret
  • Ghost Hunter: Defeat the Ghost Pack and kill the Nightmare
  • Exterminator: Destroy 1 rats’ nest
  • Archaeologist: Study 5 Antiquities or Codices
  • Influencer: Earn 100 region scenario points

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Those are all the challenges you can complete in Wartales. While some Paths may be harder to unlock all challenges, many will unlock as you naturally play the game. Check out our other Wartales guides here on GameSkinny.

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