Having trouble finding Sikha in Wartales? Here's how to find and kill her.

Wartales Trackers Guild: Sikha’s Fangs Guide

Having trouble finding Sikha in Wartales? Here's how to find and kill her.

The Trackers Guild is a group of hunters who stalk ferocious prey throughout the world of Wartales. The first of these hunts is Sikha’s Fangs, a quest to find a savage wolf who roams the area. Here’s how to find and defeat Sikha in Wartales. 

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How to Get Sikha’s Fangs Hunt in Wartales

While exploring the wilds of Tiltren you’ll find the Highlands Trackers Camp. This isolated camp to the West of Stromkapp is the first Trackers Camp you’ll most likely encounter. As a right of passage, the Master Tracker tasks you with hunting Sikha and her pack. 

How to Find Sikha

To find Sikha, head to the Plateau Stables, Southeast of the Highlands Tracker’s Camp. There you’ll see a new dead body out front of the stables. Investigate the body to learn it’s been ripped apart by an animal, not slain by human hands. 

Once you’ve investigated the body you’ll notice a red, glowing trail of paws now leads out from it. Follow that trail to find Sikha and her pack. 

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Defeating Sikha

It’s strongly suggested that once you find the pack, you try to circle around and ambush them. While the pack isn’t much stronger than the usual wolf pack, having the advantage of surprise for extra damage doesn’t hurt either. 

Once in combat, focusing down Sikha while utilizing any AoE attacks to take out other wolves will make the battle quick. You can capture any of the wolves in the pack, except Sikha herself. You’ll need to kill her in order to complete the hunt. 

After defeating Sikha and the pack, head back to the Highlands Tracker’s Camp. Master Tracker Brennan is impressed and rewards you with Reinforced Layer of the Stag as well as a blueprint for the layer. 

That’s how to find and defeat Sikah to complete the Tracker’s hunt Sikha’s Fangs. For other help, such as profession bonuses or beginner tips and tricks, check out our Wartales guides hub

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