Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Get the Golden Toaster

Want a cool golden toaster companion in Wasteland 3? Of course, you do. Here's how to obtain it.

Want a cool golden toaster companion in Wasteland 3? Of course, you do. Here's how to obtain it.

Wasteland 3 is host to wild and wonderful characters, many of which will accompany you on your adventure. Outside of your controllable party, numerous companions can journey with you to assist in battles. These are usually weirder than the playable characters. One said companion is a Golden Toaster that can assist you in fights by flinging fire at enemies from afar.

While the Golden Toaster sounds unusual, this companion is actually fairly powerful and can help you in a variety of situations. Getting the Toaster is a little tricky and involves some traveling around the map. So here’s how you obtain the Golden Toaster companion in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Get the Golden Toaster

To obtain the golden toaster, you’re first going to need 5 parts, each of which provides co-ordinates and the message: “Welcome to the Toaster Repair Academy!”

These are found in various locations on the map in toasters that need repairing. It’s recommended to have a Toaster Repair skill at Level 8 in order the obtain all the items easily.

Golden Toaster Parts Locations

Molded Gold Toaster Case: Head to the Hoon Homestead. Inside the house, you will find the toaster that needs repairing on a table inside.

Map showing the location of the molded gold toaster case.

Gold Insulated Power Cord: Go to Broadmoor Heights and seek out the Wesson home, which is the southernmost house. Here, in the kitchen, you will find the toaster.

Map showing the location of the gold insulated power cord.

Gold Plated Nichrome Wire: This one is at Aspen in the north-western edge of the Colorado map. Here you will find a visitor’s lodge fairly early into exploring and inside you will find a toaster that needs repairing.

Map showing the location of the gold plated nichrome wire.

Gold Infused Mica Sheeting: This one’s a little tricky. After you’ve obtained the quest Disappeared, talk to Frank Pappas at Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs. When speaking to him, “convince” him and he will reveal the location of the Paint Mines. Early into the area, there’s a path that ventures west. Follow it to find an RV and toaster at the end.

Map showing the location of the gold infused mica sheeting.

Bi-Metallic Gold Alloy Filament: Go to Knox Bison Ranch in the south-eastern part of the world map. Help the ranchers, head to the barn and find the toaster at the top of a nearby ladder.

Map showing the location of the bi-metallic gold alloy filament.

What to Do With the Golden Toaster Parts in Wasteland 3

With all the pieces in hand, a message will appear telling you that you’ve constructed a golden toaster and to attend the Toaster Academy.

Its location doesn’t appear on the map like other traditional areas, but to find it simply head here on the map:

Map showing the location of the Toaster Academy.

Inside, place your assembled toaster on the altar, after which your toaster will be brought to life like a Frankenstein creation and become a permeant companion for you and your squad. 

Also, be sure to loot the area for some cool rewards and resources. 

That’s all you need to know about getting the Golden Toaster in Wasteland 3. For more on Wasteland 3, including tips on how to heal and solve the ballerina puzzle, as well as a list of skills and best builds, be sure to head over to our hub for Wasteland 3 guides!

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