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Wasteland 3 Guide: How to Solve the Ballerina Puzzle

Stuck trying to fix those pesky ballerinas in Wasteland 3? Then this guide has you covered!

Wasteland 3 is home to many tactical combat encounters and engaging conversations that can turn south at a moment’s notice. Outside of this, occasionally, you’ll be tasked to solve a few puzzles to proceed. One such example is the ballerina puzzle at the Clown Museum. Here’s some tips on how to solve it!

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How to Solve the Ballerina Puzzle in Wasteland 3

In the Clown Museum, your mission will come to a halt as a strange puzzle blocks your path in the form of six spinning ballerinas. To complete the puzzle, you’ll need to power up all six ballerinas. Powering them requires some very specific items: Ballerina Gyros. Similar to the Limerick puzzle, you’ll need to do a bit of a scavenger hunt to find them around the area.

How to Power Up the Ballerinas

On arrival, six unpowered ballerinas will be present. Nearby, a shack on the western side will have an intercom, which you can use to speak to someone on the other side who will task you with fixing the ballerinas. This is how you can officially start the puzzle.

Only two of the ballerinas have power; the rest need to be repaired to be able to be powered up. To do this, you will need to pick up four Ballerina Gyros. They are all in different locations, so you’ll need to explore a bit. When you have them, approach each ballerina, press “Talk,” and select the option to “Repair ballerina.” With the Gyro in the ballerina, you’ll receive another option to “Flip the power on.”

Where are the Ballerina Gyros?

These items are actually quite easy to find, and it’s entirely possible that you already have one on your person if you killed all surrounding enemies in the area upon arrival. The full location list is as follows:

  • On the enemy leader’s body once defeated, just north of the ballerinas.
  • Dig next to the dead pig, east of the ballerinas.
  • At the bowling alley southwest of the ballerinas. (One party member stands on the painted star, turning on the power and opening the doors to the shed next to the alley. Loot the boxes inside.)
  • Dig the debris spot under the tree west of the ballerinas.

With all these in hand, you’re ready to tackle the puzzle and move on. Simply return to the ballerinas and interact with each one by pressing “Talk.” They will have an option to repair them and then another to power on. Do both on each, and they will be powered up, and the puzzle will be completed.

After this, return to the intercom to alert the lady of your completion, and you will be good to go with the rest of the mission. 

Ballerinas Turning Off Bug — Solution

It is possible to come across a slight bug while completing this challenge, making your ballerinas appear like they aren’t turning on. If you turn on a ballerina and the ballerina across from it seems to turn off, don’t worry. This bug makes it appear like they aren’t on, even though the puzzle has already activated that it is. Keep interacting with all of the ballerinas and then speak to the intercom, and it should work just fine.

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