Watch Dogs Guide: Burner Phone Locations

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the Burner Phone locations.

When you begin Watch Dogs, you start off in May Stadium in the locker room where you must shoot Maurice. After shooting him, you hack his burner phone and retrieve his information along with your first Audio Log.

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Throughout the game, you’ll need to find 7 additional burner phones. All of these provide details into Maurice’s troubled life, a man who hand an involvement in the death of your niece.

Note: There are no burner phones in the Mad Mile City District. It’s easier to find all the locations upon unlocking all the ctOS Control Centers and ctOS Towers.

Parker Square City District:
  • Burner Phone 1 – May Stadium Locker Room (you start your game off with this one just handed to you)
Pawnee City District:
  • Burner Phone 2 – Marina – blue corrugated shed [Great time to get this is during Act III//1: Hope is a Sad Thing]
  • Burner Phone 3 – Pawnee Trailer Park [Great time to get this is during Act III//2: A Pit of Paranoia]
  • Burner Phone 4 – Crazy Moose Motel
The Wards City District:
  • Burner Phone 5 – Rossi-Fremont Tenements [Great time to get this is during Act II//6: Jury-Rigged]
Brandon Docks City District:
  • Burner Phone 6 – Treatment Plant Warehouse by the southeast part of the docks [Great time to get this is during Act IV//5: Little Sister]
  • Burner Phone 7 – Shipping Warehouse [Great time to get this is during Act II//12: A Risky Bid]
The Loop City District:
  • Burner Phone 8 – Swing Bridge & Homeless Shanty Town [Great time to get this is during Act II//4: One Foot in the Grave]

After all eight of the burner phones are located and you learn Maurice’s predicament from the Audi Logs, the mission is over.

Upon successful completion, you’ll unlock the Mission Rewards Find 7 Burner Phones: Vespid LE (Vehicle) and Find All 8 Burner Phones: Sanity Check (Achievement).

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