Watch Dogs Guide: Crafted Items Skills Tips

Learn all about crafted items in Watch Dogs, and tips on using them, in this detailed guide!

Hackers need equipment, too. In Watch Dogs, besides your hacking tool, you use a variety of items to help you. You can also craft these items after putting in the required skill points and collecting the necessary materials. 

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These items range from ctOS manipulation, like Jam Coms, to explosives, like frag grenades. No matter what you want to craft, they give a huge advantage in the game. I’ll explain each crafted item skill, tips on using them, and their unlock requirements.

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This guide will cover everything in the Crafted Items skill tree including:

  • Crafted Items Skills List – Every crafted item skill, required materials, and unlock requirement.
  • Crafted Items Tips – Suggested items to keep on you at all times.

Crafted Items Skills List

You start off with Lure, but you must unlock all the other skills before you can craft them. These are all single use and you must create multiples of each if you want to use multiple times.

ctOS Manipulation Items

  • Jam Coms – Costs 1 point.  Interrupts communications to stop phone calls or ctOS scans. Requires Lure.
    • Materials Needed – 1 System Key, 1 Electronic Part.
  • Blackout – Costs 1 point. Shuts down the power of several city blocks. Requires Jam Coms.
    • Materials Needed – 2 System Keys, 1 Electronic Part.
  • ctOS Scan – Costs 3 points. Scans the area and tags non-player enemies on your mini-map. Requires Blackout.
    • Materials Needed – 1 System Key, 1 Electronic Part.

Combat Items 

  • Lure – Starting item. Attracts nearby enemies to its location.
    • Materials Needed – 1 Electronic Part.

  • Focus Boost – Costs 2 points. Recovers Focus instantly. Requires Lure.
    • Materials Needed –  1 Meds.


  • Frag Grenade – Costs 1 point. Typical grenade that explodes after a short time. Requires Lure.
    • Materials Needed – 1 Chemical Component.
  • I.E.D. – Costs 2 points. Stands for Improvised Explosive Device. Throw it, then hack it to cause an explosion. Requires Frag Grenade.
    • Materials Needed – 1 Electronic Part, 1 Unstable Chemical.
  • Proximity I.E.D. – Costs 3 points. I.E.D. with proximity sensor to explode when people get near it. Requires I.E.D.
    • Materials Needed – 1 Electronic Part1 Unstable Chemical.

Crafted Items Tips

Taking Control

The ctOS manipulation items are great to have early on compared to the others because they can get you out of tough situations.

  • I highly recommend getting Jam Coms early because you can commit crimes without fear of someone calling the cops.
  • After committing any kind of crime, use Jam Coms when someone starts to call the police.
  • This also helps when they scan for your location. Use it to temporarily stop the scan while you escape.
  • ctOS Scan helps when sneaking into a heavily guarded area. Use it to show all the enemies so you don’t get caught off guard.

Explosives are great, but it is even mor effective to combine them with lures!

  • Place I.E.D.s around the field, then place lures nearby. 
  • Use the lures to attract them, then blow them up when they get close.

Those are all my tips on the crafted items in Watch Dogs. If you’d like to see more guides and tips, please visit the Guide Directory.

If you have any questions, or other tips you’d like to share, let me know in the comments!

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