Watch Dogs Guide: Driving Skills Tips

Want to be the meanest driver on the streets of Chicago? Then, check out this guide to Driving Skills in Watch Dogs!

Driving is your main source of transportation in Watch Dogs. It is also more important than most games because you can’t shoot and drive at the same time. Besides the hacking skills you can unlock, there are some useful driving skills you should get.

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These skills range from disabling car alarms to causing more damage when running into other vehicles. Along with handling improvements and overall quality of life upgrades for driving, these skills can give you the extra edge needed to be an expert driver.

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This guide will cover everything in the Driving skill tree including:

  • Driving Skills Tree – Every driving skill and unlock requirement.
  • Driving Skills Tips – Suggested skills to get early on.

Driving Skills Tree

The Car Unlock skill is required to move up in the skill tree. Car Unlock and Defensive Driver are available at the beginning of the game. You must complete the fifth story mission in Act 1 called “Open Your World” to unlock the rest.

  • Car Unlock – Costs 1 point. Automatically turns off car alarms and unlocks doors.
  • Precision Driver – Costs 3 points. Tires have a lower chance of blowing out.
    • Escape Artist – Costs 5 points. Improves the hide in car ability when evading the cops. Requires Precision Driver.
  • Defensive Driver – Costs 2 points. Decreases the amount of damage your vehicle takes in a crash. Requires Car Unlock.

  • Off-Road Driver – Costs 3 points. Increases car handling when driving on grass and dirt. Requires Defensive Driver.
    • Offensive Driver – Costs 5 points. Increases damage your vehicle does to other vehicles when crashing into them. Requires Off-Road Driver and 5 fixer contracts completed.

Driving Skills Tips

Armored Car

I recommend getting the upgrades that affect car damage the most.

  • Offensive Driver and Defensive Driver are great to have early on because you will take less damage while doing more to enemy vehicles.
  • This is great if you don’t have all the hacks because it makes it easier to take people out in chases.
  • This also requires Off-Road Driver in the process, which helps a lot as well.

Precision Driver and Escape Artist provide helpful upgrades as well, but you can wait on those or skip them if wanted.

That’s it for the Driving Skills Guide in Watch Dogs. If you’d like to see more guides and tips, please visit the Guide Directory.

If you have any questions, or other tips you’d like to share, let me know in the comments!

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