Watch Dogs Guide: Fixer Contracts Tips

Follow these tips, and you'll complete every fixer contract you come across in Watch Dogs!

Fixer Contracts are side-missions in Watch Dogs that all involve driving in some way. There are different categories and objectives for each one. My Driving Skills Tips help a lot in these types of side-missions, so check there if you run into trouble.

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Even though driving is a huge part of these Fixer Contracts, hacking skills provide great support as well. No matter what skills you use for these side-missions, I’m here to help you through them. I’ll explain each type of Fixer Contract, and tips to complete each one.

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This guide will go over everything about the Fixer Contracts side-missions including:

  • Types of Fixer Contracts – An explanation of each kind of mission.
  • Fixer Contract Tips – Tips to complete each mission.

Types of Fixer Contracts

There are 4 kinds of Fixer Contracts.

  • Transporter – This one involves taking a target vehicle to a set place. Money is based on speed and amount of damage the vehicle takes.
  • Getaway – You have to steal a specified vehicle for this contract and lose your pursuers. You must deliver the vehicle undetected.
  • Interception – In this one, you must reach a targeted driver and hack his data. After you complete the hack, you can take him out.
  • Decoy – This one is similar to a time trial in racing games. You must race through the checkpoints to distract the police before time runs out. Don’t get caught!

Fixer Contract Tips

  • Transporter is all about speed and damage taken.
    • You can take any route you want to get to your destination, so scope out the city for shortcuts that don’t have much traffic.
    • The Defensive Driver skill helps because you take less damage from collisions.
  • Getaway is a  good, old-fashioned car chase.
    • Several skills that help you get away from cops and throw them off your trail, such as Escape Artist, would be great to have for these missions.
    • Play it safe. You have to deliver the car undetected, so don’t bring attention to yourself after losing the cops.
  • Interception adds some hacking to your driving.
    • This one is pretty simple. Hack the target’s data while driving.
    • The trick for this one is to never lose your target. The upload takes a long time, so stay close.
    • Make sure you don’t kill the target until after you’ve hacked all the data.
  • Decoy is pure racing, but with cops on your trail.
    • Nothing hold you back in this one. Hacking and driving skills make this one a piece of cake.
    • Your only goals are to reach each checkpoint by any means necessary and don’t get caught by the police.
    • You can take out cops by ramming them or hacking, so take full advantage of everything at your disposal.

This wraps up the guide on Fixer Contracts in Watch Dogs. If you’d like to see more guides and tips, please visit the Guide Directory.

If you have any questions, or other tips you’d like to share, let me know in the comments!

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