Watch Dogs Guide: Gang Hideout Locations

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the Gang Hideouts and their locations.

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the Gang Hideouts and their locations.

In Watch Dogs, when you’re hacking people for information, you’ll soon stumble on alerts for “possible gang hangouts.” These people usually have a specific icon in their profile. Throughout the game there are 15 Gang Hideout jobs to complete and a “special” mission that’ll unlock once they’re done (not required to complete).

The key thing to keep in mind, is that the more main missions you complete, the more gang hangouts will become available. These hangouts will be available in your map in the many city districts.

What you’ll need to do for these will be to reach your target, profile the target, take them down, eliminate or neutralize all enemies, and then escape. It’s pretty similar to most of the other objectives in the game in that regard.

  • Phase I – $2,500 Reward: accessible after Act I/7: Thanks for the Tip is completed
  • Phase II – $5,000 Reward: accessible after Act II/6: Jury-Rigged is completed
  • Phase III – $10,000 Reward: accessible after Act III/3: A Pit of Paranoia is completed

The Loop City District
  • Palin Correctional Facility – Parking Lot (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Parking Lot Interior
      • Pedestrian Stairwell (East)
      • Garage Doors (North & South)
      • News Stand Scissor Lift (Southeast)
  • Alley in the North Loop (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • South Traffic Tunnel Ramp
      • South Alley
      • East Alley
      • West Steps
      • North Parking Lot
      • Northeast Traffic Tunnel Garage
  • 36 Western Shopping Courtyard – South Roofs (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Main Stairs (North)
      • 36 Signage (East)
      • Piaza Courtyard (Center)
      • Construction Lift (West)
      • Rail Platform (North)
  • Pipe Excavation – Under Freeway, North Mad Mile (Phase III Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Construction Site Interior
      • Northeast Fence Gaps
      • Northwest Fence Gaps
      • West Entrance & Fence Gap
      • East Entrance
      • Southeast Container Steps
      • Southwest Blocks & Fence Gap
  • Parking Tower, South Mad Mile (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Construction Lift Outside
      • Ground Floor
      • Third Floor
      • Fourth Floor Fifth Floor – Target
Pawnee City District
  • Pawnee Beach (Phase II Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • North Lake
      • West Marsh
      • East Rocks
      • Playground & Roadside
  • Bridge Construction (Phase III Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • North Side
      • South Side
      • Bridge Footings in the middle
  • Pawnee Cemetery (Phase III Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Caretaker Cottage & West Entrance
      • Southern Pathway & Cottage
      • Vantage Point
      • Cemetery Interior
      • Upper Gates in the East
      • Road Perimeter
  • Pawnee Sawmill (Phase III Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Mill Grounds
      • Log Conveyor Ramp (Northeast)
      • Ramp (Northwest)
      • Steps (West)
      • Shed Stairs (Southwest)
      • Crane Entrance (South
      • March Water (Southeast)
Parker Square City District
  • West Parker Square Building Site (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • East & West Building Interiors
      • East Building – Balcony & Lift
      • East Building – East Opening & Interior
      • West Building – South Entrance
      • West Building – Westside Scaffold Ladders
      • West Building – Construction Lift
The Wards City District
  • Viceroy Yard (Phase II Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Viceroy Yard Interior
      • Northern Alley – Refuse Bin
      • Southern Alley – Barricade & Fence
      • Western Rubble
  • Construction Yard under Corland L-Train Station (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • White Building Alley (West)
      • Old Warehouse (North)
      • Yard Interior
      • Corland L-Train Station – Ground, East
      • Corland L-Train Station – Upper, East
      • Bar & Barbers (South) in between them
Brandon Docks City District
  • Container Yard at the North Docks (Phase II Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • South Hut & Stairs
      • Southeast Stairs
      • Southwest Hut & Stairs
      • Dock Interior
      • East Roadway
      • West Roadway
  • Unloading Docks at the Central Docks (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Fence Gaps in the Northeast & Northwest
      • Fence Gap in the Southeast & Southwest
      • Yard Exterior
      • East Entrance
      • Rail Bridge (West)
      • Warehouse Interior
  • Dock Warehouse at the East Docks (Phase I Reward)
    • Insertion Points:
      • Train Tracks (West)
      • Crane Tracks (East)
      • Warehouse Interior
      • Stacking Crane Yard (North)
      • Southeast Locomotive & South Curved Road

Upon completion of each mission you’ll be rewarded the specific reward amount for that gang and skill point +1. You’ll also unlock:

  • Complete 1 Gang Hideout: AK-47 (Weapon)
  • Complete 5 Gang Hideouts: Rapid Reload (Skill)
  • Complete 10 Gang Hideouts: Spec Ops SMG-11 (Weapon)
  • Complete 15 Gang Hideouts: Basest Base (Achievement)

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