Watch Dogs Guide: How to Make Money

Looking to make the most money in a short time at the beginning of Watch Dogs? Then, check out this guide to learn how.

Looking to make the most money in a short time at the beginning of Watch Dogs? Then, check out this guide to learn how.

Hacking in Watch Dogs is great fun. There’s also a ton of other activities to do in the game. These include playing chess, poker, racing, digital mini-games, vigilante justice, and more. You also need to buy weapons, ammo, crafting materials, and other things to help you out overall. 

You can make money a variety of ways, but I’m here to help you get the most money you can early in the game. Follow my tips and you’ll be buying that $40,000 shotgun in no time.

This guide will cover earning money in Watch Dogs including:

  • Easy Money –  How to get money the fastest.
  • Hacking Skills – Which skills to get to get you the most money.

Easy Money – What’s yours is mine!

The easiest way to make money just happens to also be the fastest.

  • Hacking the phones of NPCs gives quick and easy money.
  • Though you can make money from missions, poker, and many other ways, hacking bank accounts is the way to go.

Not every phone you hack gives you access to their bank account though. Some times you get crafting components, access to more missions, or even worthless chatter. The extra crafting components and missions are helpful, so it is a good idea to hack NPCs anyway.

  • When you do hack into a phone and access their bank account, you must go to an ATM to withdraw your money.
  • Sometimes you get a few hundred dollars and sometimes you get well into the thousands. 
  • The higher the income of the target is, the better chance you have of getting a lot of money.
  • Getting extra hacking skills increase the amount of money you get from hacking bank accounts.

Hacking Skills – Hack all the things!

The first skill you want early one is ATM Hack Boost. You get this from the “Palace Pack” DLC if you pre-ordered the game.

ATM Hack Boost – Increases the amount of money gained when hacking bank accounts at ATMs.

This skills gets you extra money when hacking bank accounts, making it even more worth it early on.

Profiler Optimization – Automatically highlights civilians with high value rewards such as system keys, lucrative bank accounts, and high quality vehicle unlocks.

This is great for saving time and not missing bank account hacks. Whenever you pass a high value reward NPC, they get highlighted with a blue dotted square. Now, you’ll know that you’ll get a nice bonus from them.

ATM Hack Boost Plus – This gives an even bigger boost to the amount of money gained from hacking bank accounts. 

With these boosts, you’ll get a lot of money early on. Even if you don’t have these boosts, hacking bank accounts gets you money quickly. Just roam the city hacking people.

That’s it for this guide to make quick money in Watch Dogs. If you have any questions, or suggestions to make more money, let me know in the comments below!

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