Watch Dogs Guide: Mini Games Progression Rewards and Tips

Take a break from the hacking in Watch_Dogs by playing a mini game. This guide tells you all the rewards for each one.

Take a break from the hacking in Watch_Dogs by playing a mini game. This guide tells you all the rewards for each one.

Sometimes you need to take a break from the hacking, espionage, and killing. With that in mind, there are plenty of fun mini games to past the time, scattered all around Chicago. Feel like playing a game of Chess? Go for it! Want to prove you can drink anyone under the table? You can do that too! You can even show your skills of observation by winning a shell game.

Whatever you decide to do, I’m here to guide you to victory. I’ll show you the rewards for completing each type of mini game and tips on getting it done.

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This guide will go over all the Mini Games Progression Rewards including:

  • Reward List – Every reward for each type of mini game.
  • Unlocking – What you need to unlock each reward and tips on doing it.

Reward List

Shell Game

This is the classic game of watching the ball. A hustler puts one ball under one of three cups. He will shuffle it around trying to throw you off. At the end, you must choose which cup the ball is under.

  • XP Bonus – Increases the amount of experience you get. (Complete 3 levels of the Shell Game)

Poker games are low stakes or high stakes. The stakes decide how much money you bet.

  • Tips:
    • You can use your Profiler on your phone to check the stress level of each player. The higher their stress, the higher the chance they are bluffing. 
    • Low stress means they are confident and you should not bet too much if you don’t have a good hand.
    • You can hack into cameras to view the room. If used at the right times, you can get a peek of the others players’ cards.

  • Sayonara LE (Car) – Clear out one poker table.

This is an Alternate Reality game used by your phone. “Invaders” come to Chicago and you must eliminate them with the space-like blaster they give you.

  • Tips:
    • The aliens are harder to hit when they first arrive because they are so small. The get bigger and easier to hit, but give fewer points. They also receive stronger attacks.
    • Always move around and collect things while taking out the alien invaders. The blaster upgrades help a lot.
  • Auto Weapons Expert – Increases burst fire precision. (Get to Wave 5 in the NVZN mini game)
Drinking Game

This game tests your hand-eye coördination. You take drinks and have to move the cursors together afterwards. The screen gets blurry and it becomes harder to move the cursors each time you drink.

  • Piledriver (Shotgun) – Get to the 5th level versus one opponent in the Drinking Game.
  • Social Lubricant (Trophy/Achievement) – Complete 10 levels against all 3 opponents in the Drinking Game.

The thinking man’s game. You can play full games of chess, which I think is pretty cool, or you can play shorter challenges. These challenges include:

  • Path – Take every pawn on the board in the required number of turns.
  • Survival – Keep your king on the board for the required number of turns.
  • End-Game – Take the opposing King in the required number of moves.

  • Tips:
    • I suggest doing Path for people who don’t know Chess very well because I believe it is the easiest.
    • All you have to do is take every pawn on the board and it shows you exactly where you can move.
    • As long as you clear the board, you’ll complete the level.
  • Maximized Focus – Greatly increases Focus duration. (Complete 10 Chess Puzzle challenges)
Cash Run

This is an Alternate Reality game that involves collecting coins in the time limit. Ghosts also appear that reduce your time if you make contact with them.

  • P-9mm (Pistol) – Earn a Gold star in any Cash Run game.

That wraps up the mini games progression rewards guide for Watch DogsIf you’d like to see more guides and tips, please visit the Guide Directory.

If you have any questions, or other tips you’d like to share, let me know in the comments!

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