Watch Dogs Guide: Missing Persons Investigation

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the Missing Person Investigation and bonus mission.

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the Missing Person Investigation and bonus mission.

While exploring in the world of Watch Dogs, you may stumble upon a dead body wrapped in plastic along with a written message or some type of drawing. Sometimes the walls may read “Crie for your daughter” in blood. A serial killer is loose on these Chicago streets, and Aiden Pearce is on a mission.

This killer leaves bodies, messages in blood and Audio Logs in his wake. The bodies won’t be left out in the open, they’ll be in “out-of-the-way” places. You’ll need to scan the bodies and in doing so, the number of missing persons will increase. There are six missing persons to find and they all suffer from a hemophilia blood disorder. By each murder scene is a camera left behind by the killer.

Note: Upon completion of Act I//3: Backstage Pass, you’ll be able to do this investigation. It’s also best to have all the ctOS Control Centers and ctOS Towers unlocked to more easily find the missing persons.

Pawnee City District:
  • Missing Person 1 – Northwest Railroad Tracks (Freight Car)
  • Missing Person 2 – Woodman’s Hut, between Trailer Park & Crazy Moose Hotel
  • Missing Person 3 – Dead-end Train Tunnel
Brandon Docks City District:
  • Missing Person 4 – Under the East Bridge
  • Missing Person 5 – Ruined Factory Interior
The Loop City District:
  • Missing Person 6 – Lighthouse, north shed
Locating the Killer:

The killer, Edgar Noone, is located in the Pawnee City District in the Pawnee Trailer Park.

Note: In order for this part of the mission to activate, you must find/scan all 6 bodies and complete Act III//1: Hope is a Sad Thing.

Upon discovering all the bodies, you’ll receive a phone call from the killer. Upon discovering his location, since he’s not clever at not having his call traced, you’ll need to scan the people in the Trailer Park. You don’t want the killer alerted to your presence or you’ll fail the mission.

A woman will walk by the suspect Edgar and they will end up in argument. Wait until you’re alerted to intervene, then move! Don’t give a chance to run, trust me. You can bring him down without the use of a gun, if you want. If he gets a head start, he’ll leave traps in his wake that’ll explode as you run past. Once he’s taken out, hack his phone to gain information which explain reasons behind his actions.

Upon completion, you’ll unlock Mission Rewards (Investigation) No Innocents Hurt: Reputation Gain, Serial Kill Caught: Reputation Gain, Gain XP +500 (Crime Detection Event) and Gain XP +1,000 (Mission). You’ll also unlock Mission Rewards Find 6 Missing Persons: Wildfire (Weapon), start Act III//2: A Pit of Paranoia, and complete Missing Persons: Darkness Looms (Achievement).

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