Watch Dogs Guide: Privacy Invasions Tips

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the Privacy Invasions.

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the Privacy Invasions.

In the world of Watch Dogs some of the collectibles are known as the Privacy Invasions. This is where you must intrude into a stranger’s home network through their unsecured router. While this won’t give you the ability to hack someone’s router in real life, you will be able to grab some in-game cash and earn some XP. 

Hacking for the Privacy Invasions require no more than open access to a nearby ctOS switch or direct access to a router. Pretty simple. Aiden already has the skills needed. Once ctOS Towers are unlocked, these locations which be highlighted on your map. You can start them once Act I/3: Backstage Pass has been completed.

There are no Privacy Invasions in Pawnee so don’t bother looking. There are a total of 30 to be found within the other city districts.

Parker Square City District:
  • 1: Near the Church – Neighborhood Homes
  • 2: Behind Thyla Pharmaceuticals (North of May Stadium)
  • 3: Liquor Store Parking Lot (South of Phoebus Theater)
  • 4: Behind “Pilipina Classic” (by a Digital Trip vendor)
  • 5: Vacant Store ( by Cash Run & Shipping Crate Garage)
The Wards City District:
  • 6: Apartment Complex (Southwest of Malinski Station)
  • 7: Old Brownstone – Southwest Wards (near ruined Strip Mall)
  • 8: Housing Complex – Four Y-Shaped Apartment Blocks
  • 9: Apartment Complex – Central Wards (near ctOS Center)
  • 10: Decaying Apartment Complex (East of Rossi-Fremont)
The Brandon Docks City District:
  • 11: Umeni Technologies Branch Office
  • 12: Metal Warehouse (near Parkfield Train Station)

Mad Mile City District:

  • 13: Franklin Street – West Mad Mile (Northwest of Ryborn Station)
  • 14: Behind Gas Station Billboard (West of Circle Fountain)
  • 15: “Rendezvous” Store (above South Traffic Entrance)
  • 16: Bank Building Corner (South of Deavers Station)
  • 17: John Hancock Center – North Mad Mile
  • 18: Foyer By Chicago World News Tower – South Mad Mile
  • 19: Cafe Plaza & Car Dealership – Northeast Mad Mile
  • 20: Office Gardens (Skyscraper West of ctOS Center)
The Loop City District:
  • 21: The Island – Northern Tip
  • 22: The Island – Hotel & Spa (East Riverside)
  • 23: Connelly Square & Willis Tower (near Cash Run)
  • 24: City Hall (Northwest Loop near L-Train Junction)
  • 25: Shipping Dock Alley (South of Ambrose Theater)
  • 26: Alleyway behind Mama Reyn Restaurant (near Quincy Station)
  • 27: Behind Pawn Shop – Central Loop
  • 28: Platform Office (South Loop near Palin Correctional Facility)
  • 29: South of Bloody Maxwell Police Station – South Loop
  • 30: Art Gallery – Eastern Loop (in Millennium Park)

Upon successful completion, you will gain 200+ XP per mission and your cash will vary ($700-$5,500). Your rewards for completing Privacy Invasions will also give you unlocks such as:

  • Complete 1 Privacy Invasion: Vespid 5.2 (Vehicle)
  • Complete 5 Privacy Invasions: Sunrim (Vehicle)
  • Complete ALL 30 Privacy Invasions: Peephole (Achievement)

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