Watch Dogs Guide: QR Code Locations & Secret Mission

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to the QR Code locations and its secret mission.

While playing in the world that is Watch Dogs, you may have came across these black and white squares posted on various places. Perhaps on walls or overpasses? What are these?

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These are QR Codes left by the infamous hacker “Giggles,” and each of these has a message once you take a photo of it. Each QR Code has been placed in 2-3 sections, so typically you’re only looking at only a piece of it. In order to view it properly, you’ll need to line up the image properly with the city cameras.

Note: There are 16 QR Code Locations and each have a special Audio Log thanks to Giggles. Upon discovering all 16, a secret mission is unlocked to capture him.

Pawnee City District:
  • QR Code 1 – Southern Construction Bridge
    • Message: ~~(8:> will U be my BFF? 4 realz!
Parker Square District:
  • QR Code 2 – Between Husker Station & Phoebus Theater
    • Message: DedSec can suck my 8=====>
  • QR Code 3 – Loan Shop Alley
    • Message: Hey DedSec!
The Wards City District:
  • QR Code 4 – Northeast River Locks
    • Message: Don’t QQ if you can’t find me.
  • QR Code 5 – Main Street in Southeast Wards
    • Message: *0/* U found one! *0/*
Brandon Docks City District:
  • QR Code – Racine Boat yard Docks (West)
    • Message: U R getting WARMER
  • QR Code 7 – South Central Bridge (Tidis Factory)
    • Message: (^._.^) U can findz QR codes!
  • QR Code 8 – Rhodes Train Station & Double Chimney Factory
    • Message: Mark IV style muthaf*cker!
  • QR Code 9 – PumpGo Gas at Eastern Docks
    • Message: DeSec? More like DedSUC!
The Loops City District:
  • QR Code 10 – Elevated Tracks East of Western Station
    • Message: Itz all 4 d GIGGLES
  • QR Code 11 – Under the Freeway, West of Shanty Town
    • Message: BadBoy17? Bad, Boy, 17? Really?
  • QR Code 12 – Ambrose Theater alleyways
    • Message: G1gg1L3s… 1L… IL… Get It?
  • QR Code 13 – Hollenkamp Train Station
    • Message: Can U find D rest?
Mad Mile City District:
  • QR Code 14 – Wall of Brick Apartments, near Taylor Station
    • Message: o_O O.O O.o O_o
  • QR Code 15 – Plaza North of Ryborn Station
    • Message: U must werk out. >_<
  • QR Code 16 – View from the Chicago Water Tower
    • Message: How U finding these?
Secret Mission – Find the Hacker:

The location of the hacker’s apartment is in the Mad Mile City District and is identified as Ducky Epstein aka “G1gg1L3s.” Note: All 16 QR Codes have to be discovered and unlocked. The ctOS Control Center: Mad Mile must be unlocked as well for completion.

Upon reaching Giggles’ apartment, you must hack into his mainframe, upload a virus and then leave while listening to a message from DedSec. The picture below will help you to hack his mainframe since it is not an easy one to do.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive Mission Rewards (Investigation) Hacker Trolled: Reputation Gain +1,000; and Mission Rewards (Unlocks) Gangster (Weapon) and Complete Act II//11: Stare into the Abyss; and Complete QR Codes: Read-Only (Achievement).

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