Watch Dogs Guide: Side Missions Progression Rewards

Check this guide out for every side mission reward, and tips on completing them, in Watch_Dogs.

In Watch Dogs, sometimes you want to take a break from the main quests, or online, and do some side missions. There are actually plenty of things to do with the side missions, and they offer some nice rewards to help you through the game.

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These missions range from stopping crimes, racing around town, hitting gang hideouts and stopping criminal convoys. I’ll go over what each reward is, and how you get it. If you’d like help with anything else related to Watch Dogs, please visit the Guide Directory.

This guide will cover everything about the Side Mission Progression Rewards including:

  • Reward List – Every reward for each type of side mission.
  • Unlocking – What you need to unlock each reward.

Reward List

Criminal Convoy

These missions require you take out criminal convoy driving through the city. They involve either killing everyone, or knocking down certain targets in the convoy.

If you kill targets that must be knocked down, you fail the mission.

  • Tips:
    • Get hacking and driving skills when doing these missions, it makes it easier since the enemies are all in cars.]
    • If you only need to kill everyone, and you have grenades or a grenade launcher, this mission becomes very easy.
    • Just drive to the front of the convoy, and blast everyone with the grenades or grenade launcher. They will die before they even get a chance to counter attack.
    • For missions that require you to knock people down, run into one of the convoy vehicles with your own vehicle.
    • This alerts the convoy and shows you who must be knocked down. You can kill everyone else now.
  • Critical Focus – Recovers focus when health is critically low. Complete 1 Criminal Convoy mission.
  • Destroyer (Sniper) – Complete 10 Criminal Convoy missions.
  • Road Rage (Trophy/Achievement) – Complete all Criminal Convoy missions.
Crimes Detected

These side missions require you to catch a specified criminal by using the Crime Detection System.

As you go through the city, crimes pop up. You must go to the crime area and look for the criminal. You can’t get too close because if they spot you before starting the crime, they’ll leave and you fail the mission.

  • Tips:
    • Stay at a distance so they don’t see you.
    • Watch the bar that indicates the likelihood of that person being the criminal. There is also a bar for the victim.
    • Stop the crime as soon as they begin and not sooner. If you’re quick enough you’ll save someone’s life, but if you go to soon, they run away.
    • Even if you know the person is the criminal and another is the victim, you must wait for the crime to start for it to count.
  • Quick Switch – Increases weapon switch speed. Catch 1 criminal through the Crime Detection System.
  • Chrome (Revolver)  Catch 10 criminals through the Crime Detection System.

  • Enforcer (Trophy/Achievement)  Catch 20 criminals through the Crime Detection System.
Fixer Contracts

These all involve driving in someway. There are 4 kinds: Transporter, Getaway, Interception, and Decoy. For full details on each, and tips on doing them, check out my Fixer Contracts Tips.

  • Zusume R (Car) – Complete 1 Fixer Contract.
  • Offensive Driver – Causes more collision damage to enemy vehicles. Complete 5 Fixer Contracts.
  • Boxberg LE (Car)  Complete 20 Fixer Contracts.
  • End of Line – Complete 40 Fixer Contracts.
Gang Hideouts

These missions involve going to, you guessed it, a gang hideout. You must take out everyone there, but sometimes you have to knock people out instead of killing them.

  • AK-47 (Assault Rifle) Complete 1 Gang Hideout.
  • Rapid Reload – Improves reload speed of all weapons. Complete 5 Gang Hideouts.

  • Spec Ops SMG-11 (Sub Machine Gun)  Complete 10 Gang Hideouts.
  • Basest Base (Trophy/Achievement) – Complete 15 Gang Hideouts.

These are all the rewards for every side mission in Watch Dogs. If you have any questions, or suggestions please let me know in the comments below!

If you’d like to see more guides and tips, please visit the Guide Directory.

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