Watch Dogs Guide: Weapons Trader Achievement

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to get you through the Weapons Trader Achievement.

Here's your Watch Dogs guide to get you through the Weapons Trader Achievement.

So you’re walking along throughout the streets of Watch Dogs in the various city districts, when you stumble across a large shipping crate packed with illegal weapons. Holy cow!

These mystery crates have crafted tools and can be found by hacking into garages or lockups. By inspecting the crates, you’ll find what remains of an illegal weapons trade. Each of the garages have nearby audio component with a recording to add to your Audio File collection. When you scan the crates, the number increases, indicating there are nine to find. You can find frag grenades, ctOS scans, Jam Coms, and Blackouts inside the crates (one type per crate).

Note: You’ll need to unlock each of the city’s ctOS Control Centers and ctOS Towers to find all the crates. There are no weapon crates in the Pawnee City District, so don’t bother looking there. Also, the title video is an introduction of Part 1 of the mission.

Part 1 of Weapons Trader Achievement

Parker Square City District:
  • Weapon Crate 1 – Southeast Corner Garage
The Wards City District:
  • Weapon Crate 2 – Northern Cul-de-Sac Garage
  • Weapon Crate 3 – Central Riverside “VessalMart” Garage
  • Weapon Crate 4 – Parkfield Station Garage
The Loop City District:
  • Weapon Crate 5 – Western Unloading Alley Garage
  • Weapon Crate 6 – North Central Traffic Tunnel Garage
  • Weapon Crate 7 – Alleyways Southeast of Farris Halstead Library Station
Mad Mile City Station:
  • Weapon Crate 8 – L-Train Tracks, Southwest Island Garage
  • Weapon Crate 9 – Northeast Coffee Shop Parking Lot Garage

Part 2 of Weapons Trader Achievement

This is a video for Part 2 of the mission.

Note: To get into this part of the mission, all nine crate must be scanned. You must have Act II//5: A Blank Spot There-ish completed and active chatter with Tobias. Having melee strikes against Enforcers unlocked in your Skill Tree will be helpful if you don’t want to use guns. Extreme patience, luck, lures and exceptional knowledge of the area will be most beneficial as well.

You’ll want to have plenty of various weapon types (i.e. pistols, shotguns, machine guns, etc.) with you for this mission, I kid you not. This is a difficult mission. I’d bring the maximum number of IEDs, grenades, Blackouts, and ctOS scans as well. If you have the cash, great-quality weapons and ammo from the gun shop is a MUST!

Upon receiving a phone call from Tobias, you’ll meet up at the gun shop (you’ll be able to make purchases there while he waits for you) and then head to the Tidis Warehouse at the Brandon Docks City District for the raid.

There are various waves: you have the exterior of the warehouse, the waves of enemies, the vehicle waves, and the boss wave – featuring 3 final bosses. Yeah, you read that right.

There a few insertion points but only one checkpoint that’ll appear before the vehicle waves.

Insertion Points:
  • South Side – near the southeast balcony from your starting point
  • North Side – heading away from the warehouse, there’s containers to hide in and move through, mind the northeast corner though
  • West Side – by the largest gravel pile in Chicago on the side of the warehouse
  • East Side – the warehouse has an open door you can go through and hide behind with an interior balcony
  • Warehouse Interior – it’s an open area with plenty of canisters to shoot and explode, plus there are 3 balcony bridges that are connected.

If you want to use a large vehicle to crash into the open warehouse while killing enemies in the process upon starting this part of the mission and use it for cover, go right ahead. How hard can that make things?

You’re going to have to kill your enemies in this mission, not just perform takedowns. There are no exceptions here. There are cameras to use to mark your enemies and using your phone will help as well. Stealth here will be an advantage. Sniping and hacking enemy grenades will also prove beneficial. Remember when using a grenade, aim over a balcony so you don’t cause damage to yourself.

After you’ve gone through all the various waves and enter the final boss wave, having a grenade launcher will be helpful. You can find one on a crate in the upper balcony area in the southeast interior at the top of the metal stairs. You’ll find a G106 Grenade Launcher there.

A final set of three SUVs will arrive each carrying a boss. There’s four Enforcers and guys in full SWAT who can take numerous hits before going down. You’ll want to concentrate on the center vehicle first with grenades and explosives. Then proceed with the other vehicles.

Once you’re the last one standing; you’ll receive a phone call from Tobias asking how things went. Pearce tells him to lose his number and it’s over.

You’ll unlock Mission Rewards (Investigation) Weapons Trade Dismantled: Reputation Gain +1,000; and Mission Rewards (Unlocks) Spec-Ops Goblin (Weapon); and Complete Act II//6: Jury-Rigged, and Complete Weapons Trade: Saturday Night Special Achievement.

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