Here's how to get both endings in We Were Here Forever, quite the task for even the experienced puzzler.

We Were Here Forever Endings Guide

Here's how to get both endings in We Were Here Forever, quite the task for even the experienced puzzler.
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You’ll surely want to get both endings in We Were Here Forever after all the effort it takes to get through the game’s difficult puzzles. Naturally, getting both endings isn’t easy.

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Our guide will provide you with both endings in We Were Here Forever and experience a complete story wrap-up. Both players will have to work in synergy to be able to solve these extremely difficult puzzles and finish the game.

We Were Here Forever: Chapter 5 Ending

In this stage of the game both players need to work together to be able to cook some crystals, using the directions found on the blackboard.

Unfortunately you will have very limited time to complete this puzzle, so you need to coordinate your actions precisely the way they are described below.

First, players need to take these steps:

  1. Player 1 needs to fill the plate with the root.
  2. Player 1 now sends the filled plate.
  3. Player 2 needs to make cones, using green substance.
  4. Player 2 now sends two cones, one crystal, and a green substance.
  5. Player 1 needs to grind two cones and one crystal, using red and yellow substances.
  6. Player 1 now sends red substance.

Now both players are ready for cooking the substances for making more crystals:

  1. Player 1 needs to use green substance to make two concentrates.
  2. Player 1 now sends two concentrates and two grinded cones.
  3. Player 1 can now cook one blue crystal, using green and yellow substances and one mushroom.
  4. Player 2 can start cutting roots and cooking two red jars.
  5. Player 2 now sends three crystals and a red substance.
  6. Player 1 can grind one crystal to make one concentrate.

When all these components are ready, you can finish the job and solve the puzzle of the Assembly:

  1. Player 1 sends one mushroom, one concentrate, and one grinded crystal.
  2. Player 2 can start cutting mushroom and cooking one green jar.
  3. Player 1 can now make the other two blue crystals.

When you have all three blue crystals, two red jars, and one green jar ready, you can finally put them inside the Astrolabe and pull the lever in the center, which will complete the mission.

We Were Here Forever: Chapter 6 Ending

If you did it all right, you’ll be unlocking Chapter 6 and can work towards its ending. It requires both players to assemble a concentrated light at the Astrolabe, which will open the portal and provide players with an escape route.

First, you need to assemble the correct light spheres by following these steps:

  1. Player 1 needs to go upstairs and rotate a crank.
  2. Player 2 needs to step inside the elevator and pull the lever.
  3. Both players now go down and pull away the wood plank.
  4. Both players need to go upstairs on the left side and pull the levers one by one.

Use the levers to manage the lights of the spheres so that they shine on each other. After that do the following:

  1. Player 1 needs to go down and pull the lever next to a sphere.
  2. Player 2 needs to pick up the cog and put it back into the mechanism.
  3. Player 1 needs to pull the lever once again.

Now comes the hardest part, and the final sphere of light should be established in the following way:

  1. Both players need to enter a niche under the ladder in the right side.
  2. Player 1 needs to step onto the platform and fall down, grabbing the ledge.
  3. Player 2 must assist Player 1 to move closer to the levers.
  4. Player 1 can now pull the levers.

Lastly, both players need to repeat the first trick with the elevator but on the left side. When one of the players arrives at the three switches on top, they should turn them on one by one from right to left.

When this is done, both players need to go back to the Astrolabe machine and pull the two levers on both of its sides in order to open the escape portal, which ends the game as it was intended. 

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Now you can finally solve both endgame puzzles in We Were Here Forever, and escape the Rockbury Realm via an open portal.

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