Weird West Mayor Weeks Guide

Find out how to how to search basement and deal with/kill Mayor Weeks with the help of our guide to Weird West.

Find out how to how to search basement and deal with/kill Mayor Weeks with the help of our guide to Weird West.

Mayor Galen Weeks becomes a real person of interest in Weird West once players decode the Stillwater relay at the Post Office for $300. At that point you will get the quest to deal with Mayor Weeks, as he might have a clue about the location of Jane Bell’s husband.

This guide will not only help you deal with Mayor Weeks in Weird West, but also provide you with tips on how to investigate his basement. Simply follow all the steps listed below, and soon you’ll be on your way to resolving this mysterious quest.

How to Enter the Basement in Weird West

Speak to Mayor Weeks

First thing you need to do is travel to the Galen’s Crossing, an estate located in the Offerton Valley at the southwestern part of the map (see the screenshot above for exact location).

Once you arrive at the estate, the guard will ask you about your whereabouts, and you need to do the following:

  1. Select the “Show him the Stillwater relay” option.
  2. Enter the gates at Galen’s Crossing.
  3. Enter the main building in the center.
  4. Speak to Mayor Galen Weeks.
  5. Ask about your missing husband.
  6. Ask what he wants in return.
  7. Agree to the deal he offers you.

Speak to Hideki Saito

After speaking to Mayor Weeks you need to travel to the Bursh Creek Farm, which is located just a little south of the Galen’s Crossing in the Offerton Valley.

Once you’re at the farm, speak to Hideki Saito by following these steps:

  1. Select the “Farm Deed” option.
  2. Tell him that Weeks has information about your missing husband.
  3. Take your leave in peace.

If you choose to take his deed by force, then you will not have the option to search the basement of Mayor Weeks. But if you choose to leave in peace, then you will overhear a hint that there are some secrets inside Mayor Week’s basement.

How to Search the Basement

Now go back to the Galen’s Crossing, and once confronted by the guards at the gate do the following:

  1. Select the “Don’t have the deed yet” option.
  2. Approach the gates and open them.
  3. Enter the building behind the Mayor’s house (with tobacco leaves on the roof).
  4. Enter the room with the trapdoor.
  5. Climb down the ladder.
  6. Speak to Marion Keen, who’s sitting inside the jail cell.
  7. Use a lockpick to set him free.

Note that once you’re inside the building with the trapdoor, make sure that nobody sees you. If anybody notices you, leave the building immediately and try again.

How to Deal With/Kill Mayor Weeks

Alternatively, after releasing Marion Keen from the jail cell, you can go back to the Brush Creek Farm and take the deed to yourself. This is one of the ways on how to deal with Mayor Weeks.

If you want to go all in and get rid of him entirely, then you need to go back to the Galen’s Crossing once again, and follow these steps on how to kill Mayor Weeks.

Prepare to Shoot Mayor Weeks

Mayor Weeks sleeps in his bedroom, but you can’t just go inside and get rid of him. First, you will need to get a good rifle, and here are some of the best ones in the game:

  • Gold or Legendary Bolt-Action Forester
  • Gold or Legendary Gowser Service Rifle

It should be fine if you have the money only for the silver models, but you will have a better chance with the ones listed above.

You will also need a Sentry Silencer ability for your rifle, which works especially well with the Gowser Service Rifle. This ability will allow you to shoot in a stealthy mode and stay unnoticed. Although do note that this ability requires a lot of AP.

Lastly, if you can’t get the gold or legendary weapons just yet, then you will need the Ambusher perk for your rifle. It increases its damage, which will help you insta-kill Mayor Weeks while he’s asleep.

Get Rid of Mayor Weeks

You can get inside Mayor Week’s house unnoticed by pulling a barrel under the balcony, jumping on top of the roof of the nearby building, and jumping onto the balcony from the roof.

Once you’re inside the house, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the kitchen (next to his bedroom)
  2. Activate Sentry Silencer ability on your rifle
  3. Aim at the Mayor’s head and shoot once
  4. Leave the same way you entered

If you’ve done everything right and killed Mayor Weeks, then no alarm should go off and you should be able to leave the Galen’s Crossing unharmed. However, do not attempt to go back to this estate again, or the locals will come after you.

That’s all you need to know on how to search basement and deal with/kill Mayor Weeks in Weird West. Also, be sure to read our official Weird West review right here!

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