Here's a complete breakdown of hidden clues from the Guestbook in Welcome Home ARG.

Welcome Home ARG: All Hidden Guestbook Messages

Here's a complete breakdown of hidden clues from the Guestbook in Welcome Home ARG.

As with any alternate reality game, Welcome Home ARG’s website hides a number of clues in its pages. For the Guestbook, that includes invisible hidden messages, as well as messages in the file names of the doodles that adorn it. Some are normal file names that refer to what the doodle is, while some are strings of numbers. Let’s decipher them below. 

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How to Find All Welcome Home Arg Hidden Guestbook Messages

Page 1 Filenames

Most of the images on Page 1 have rather generic or innocent file names. 

  • >Thankyou
  • >Honkhonkhaha
  • >Ilovebugs
  • >Itsaapple!
  • >Homed!
  • >Thankyouihopeyouthinkitisbeautiful
  • >Ilikepoppytooneighbor
  • >Ourneighborsarehere!thankyoutooneighbor
  • >Hereyougo
  • >Helloneighbor
  • >Poppyisbigilovehertoo
  • >Ilikeyournose
  • >Ilovefranktoo_hefrowns_ithinkheisfunny
  • >Sallyisthatyou
  • >Youarelucky!comebyoftenneighbor
  • >Hello_whyareyousmilingthisway_illkeepyoucompanyneighbor
  • >Itsokaytofrownyouarestillmyfriend
  • >with%20me%20neighbor
  • >Youdontlikemeneighbor_

Page 2 Filenames

  • >Iloveyouiloveyou
  • >Youareontv!
  • >Goodnightneighbor
  • >Julieismyfriendtoo
  • >Hereisabugforyouneighbor
  • >Iwillmailhimaletterforyou
  • >Ipromiseiwilltellher
  • >Idonotknowwhatwiggleis_barnabysaiditwasthis
  • >Iknowsally
  • >Wearehappy_doyoulooklikethis_
  • >Idonotknowwhatclownis_iaskedfrank_hesaidbarnaby_hereisbarnaby
  • >Ilovehome_homeismyfriend
  • >Eddieisafriendilikehimtoo_herunstoomuch
  • >Doyouseehowdynow_
  • >Icanhearyouneighbor
  • >Soyouwillknowiamlookingatyouneighbor_iamtalkingtoyou
  • >Iamapuppet!iamyourfavorite!

Page 3 Messages

  • >Thisisaheart___
  • >Tvtvtv
  • >Howse_howse
  • >Youwipeyourshoeshere!
  • >Iwilltellfrankforyou_thebugwilllooklikethis_
  • >frank_%20i%20will%20tell%20Frank_
  • >thankyou_Katie!
  • >Iwillhelpyouneighbor
  • >thankyouCherry!IthinkIamprettytoo!
  • >Hello_youseethis_
  • >Youwillcomewithme_
  • >Whoisthis
  • >Dohesellhisheart_

Page 4 Messages 

  • >Kittycat_famous_tv_
  • >share_OhyouarenotJulie_IwilltellJulie_Somuchfamily!
  • >Youllbeokay!
  • >Wearefriends!
  • >Ihaveseenthembefore_dotheylikeeachother
  • >ohIunderstand!weareplaying!ihaveyou!
  • >Imthemostmost
  • >no_Iamwally_Iamyourfriend
  • >Youdo_iamsohappy_

Page 5 Messages

  • YahooYippeeYahooYippee
  • >Doyoulikefrank
  • >areyousinging_
  • >Youwill_
  • >thenanswerme_
  • >No_apuppet_

Once you hit the completely covered Guestbook note with scribbles on Page 5, the file names become random numbers. Using Inspect to remove the scribbled element over the text, we can see what Alex was saying.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

The number filenames continue until Page 6, with the doodle of an orange and red hat in response to Mr. Teddy.

Page 6 Messages

  • >Lovehim_Youremember
  • >Itsnottimeyet_imlooking_
  • >Whyareyoufibbing_youarenothere_idontseeyou_pleasedonotlietome_
  • >Ilikeyellowtoo_imyellow_sallyisyellow_franksnoseisyellow_
  • >Idontknoweither_
  • >Scratchharder_
  • >Valentine_Iwilltellher_
  • >Rat_
  • >Ourname_
  • >Nomemory_
  • >Everyoneishappy_
  • >Icantreachthem_imsorry_

The doodle of red question marks and X’s with the file name Whyareyoufibbing_youarenothere_idontseeyou_pleasedonotlietome_ are in response to this note:

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Once the doodle is removed, you can see it’s a cry for help from a person being held captive by puppets. The note from Nosipho has “Hiya Wally!” scribbled out in red, which has the filename Nomemory_.

Page 7 Messages

  • >Imyourfavorite_thatmakesmehappy_thanyou_
  • >Iloveyoutoo_
  • >paint
  • >Whatisyourfather_
  • >Dontbeafraid_
  • >Icouldnotfindthem_iwilllookharder_
  • >Hahaha
  • >Isitme_

Page 7 also contains a few hints for finding hidden clues elsewhere on the website. The note from Auvie mentions the unaligned letters used to find hidden links in Welcome Home ARG, while a note from Maya mentions the eyes you can find just about everywhere. 

Page 8 Messages

  • >Itsveryhard_
  • >Itoldhim_hesaidhesflattered_idontknowwhatanyoneistalkingabout_
  • >iamyourfavoritetoo_imveryhappy_

Invisible Guestbook Messages

Located on Page 8 of the guestbook are a couple more invisible messages. Discovered by using Ctrl + A to highlight everything on the page, the two messages appear to be from Wally. 

Screenshot by GameSkinny

After looking through all the doodles, it appears that the one managing the page — or at least responding to the Guestbook — is Wally. The responder uses first-person when the note is about Wally, third-person when it’s about another character, and mentions they are a yellow puppet. What this means in terms of plot is unclear. 

Those are all the messages hidden in filenames or invisible in the Guestbook. While most of the Guestbook entries are real, the remaining hints and creepiness bring the sinister feeling to the forefront. For more help deciphering clues, check out our Welcome Home ARG guides page

Featured image via Clown Illustrations.

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