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Feed or Top, or Drop We have all been there... Or you could just autolock, you noob!

I know how all my fellow summoners feel–joining up into a game, and having some one who refuses to communicate, or play a role.  Lets face it. League of Legends has possibly the worst community out there when it comes to games.  My thought is ‘what can be done about this? Will this type of team game always have annoying pricks in them who refuse to listen?’ It seems like every game someone puts up report so and so, over some trivial manner, and really because everyone does it so much it means almost nothing, so people who do act like assholes really don’t care about what happens or the consequences (are there actually consequences?).

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The epitome of League of Legends Rage

I don’t think Riot can fix the issue of people just coming into a game and not trying to work with everyone else; I think it’s up to a community.  People have said ‘add a queue system like WoW, some one queues for each role and then you are supposed to play it.’  I think this is a bad idea, because the potential to troll just increases 100 times over, and then you restrict in some ways the strategy of the game, so that people can only play the 5 roles that are called the “meta.”  

I think to fix the problem we need to look at the community because it is our fault.  Look at yourself when you play. What are your habits?  Do find yourself blaming the support/jungle/adc/mid/top for your problems or do you realize that it was your mistake?  For example, the jungle doesn’t gank, you know this, because he never comes bottom, so is it really his fault when you play really aggressively and keep calling for ganks?  My answer to that is no, he is doing something else (ganking other lanes, people do that you know) so quit whining and if you have to farm under turret.  

What I think here is that people need to realize this is a team game, and working with your team will help you win.  You are only as strong as your weakest player, and raging and swearing at them really doesn’t help you win, but just makes people more likely to play worse.  On top of that, swearing and toxic behavior makes you play worse, so you die more so you rage more so your team does worse; The vicious cycle of gaming rage!

My challenge to all my fellow summoners out there is to calm down when you are playing league and stop yelling at me, your team and everyone else.  If you are upset, don’t play! There are better ways to relieve stress than to play the League of Rage, and also keep in mind some times people want to help you, so don’t yell and get mad when some one offers you some advise, just thank them for it.

Please Riot remove Teemo, he is deserves to die!

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