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What Are Providence Trials in Risk of Rain Returns?

Let's talk about the new game mode in Risk of Rain Returns. What are Providence Trials?

Risk of Rain Returns comes with a brand new game mode called Providence Trials. So what are Providence Trials in Risk of Rain Returns?

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The play-time of a single run in the game is usually a longer experience. Providence Trials offer bite-sized challenges that you can play to relax after a long run and unlock goodies for your characters.

Risk of Rain Returns: What are Providence Trials

Providence Trials are short challenges the player can jump into at any time for a mini-game experience. They become available as soon as you unlock your first character and you’ll start off with a single one for the Commando. Completing this first one unlocks more in a branching style. I recommend checking back each time you unlock a new character as more will become available.

More importantly, completing each trial for a specific character unlocks either an alternative ability for that character or other secret unlockables. I feel this is a great way to introduce replayability for the game as certain abilities unlocked in Providence Trials completely change your playstyle. 

For example, the Bandit is usually a ranged character but you can unlock an alternate basic attack ability that turns him into a pseudo-melee character. There are around 40 of them as of now and Hopoo plans to introduce more with future updates.

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What Do Providence Trials Look Like?

Each Trial introduces its own set of rules and items for your character. Some test your mobility in a speedrun style of gameplay, some are based on surviving long enough, and some test your combat skills. They are usually themed around the ability or item they’ll unlock. 

For example, if the trial is meant to unlock a movement ability like the teleporting arrow for the Huntress, the trial will test your mobility with that skill. This is a great way to both learn that new skill and have some mini-game fun.

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They also have a competitive element tied to them as they track your score. This can be the time it took you to complete a mobility level, points collected in a survival-style trial, etc. You can try to beat your personal scores or compete against your friends.

Now you know what are Providence Trials in Risk of Rain Returns and can unlock a new repertoire for your survivors. We hope you’ve found this guide useful and if you’re interested in more we’ve got you covered. Check out our RoRR guide page for more tips on the game.

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