What Are the Ark: Survival Ascended Maps on Release? Answered

Ark: Survival Ascended launched with less maps than Survival Evolved, but there's some good news on the horizon.

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In Survival Evolved, we had a handful of maps to survive and tame on. But that’s not quite the case with its remaster yet. What are the Ark: Survival Ascended maps on release?

Which Maps Are Available in Ark: Survival Ascension on Release?

If you’re familiar with the original game, you’re probably aware of the array of maps Studio Wildcard added to it over the years. Ark: Survival Evolved featured the following 12 maps:

  • The Island
  • Aberration
  • Extinction
  • Ragnarok
  • Scorched Earth
  • Valguero
  • Crystal Isles
  • Fjordur
  • Lost Island
  • The Center
  • Genesis Part 1
  • Genesis Part 2

Between them was a diverse array of biomes and playstyles to play around with. A handful are paid DLC, but most were free DLC and added some much-needed variety.

On release, Ark: Survival Ascended features only one map: The Island, the map the original game launched with. The Island is a massive ARK with multiple biomes and a lot of land to traverse, but the variety it offers is nowhere near the level seen across Survival Evolved‘s maps. It stings a bit to be forced off Survival Evolved, to Survival Ascended with a prettier coat of paint but less content.

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When Will More Maps Be Coming to Ark: Survival Ascended?

To take some of the sting off, all of Survival Evolved‘s DLC maps have been confirmed to be in the works for Survival Ascended. Studio Wildcard have confirmed themselves on the game’s Steam page that the entire library of ARKs will be added on a regular basis, and will come at no additional cost. This at least is some consolation in shuttering Evolved for its younger brother.

That’s all you need to know about what are the Ark: Survival Ascended maps on release. Check out our growing ASA guides hub for tips and tricks.

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