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What Do Lite Allies Do in Fallout 76? Answered

Fallout 76 Lite Allies are a nice way to spice up your camp life, so here's what they do and why they are useful.

There are different types of allies in the online wasteland of Fallout 76. If you’re just getting into the game, you may be wondering just what do Lite Allies do, since it’s not entirely obvious at first glance.

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Fallout 76: What Do Lite Allies Do? Answered

Fallout 76 is an unpredictable place, and you might bump into Lite Allies when you least expect it. New Lite Allies to add to your ranks are implemented each season, and each one has a special service to provide your settlement along with lore-related dialogue.

Although they can be helpful, Lite Allies are not normal companions. They don’t have normal orders like regular companions do, and they won’t carry your extra weight or come exploring with you. Instead, they hang out at your settlement and take care of their own business, in case you need their services down the line.

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They can be merchants. If you need to buy, sell, or trade something, Lite Allies have you covered. They’ll help you if you’re in need of a specific item or just looking to sell everything you’ve got for some valuable caps. They can also have unique questlines. Not every Lite Ally provides unique quests, but two of them, specifically Sofia and Beckett, give you a lengthy questline to go on.

If you happen to bring the fight near the camp, your Lite Allies can lend a hand. They aren’t the most well-equipped characters in the game, but they can at least help you against minor threats, and it’s appreciated as we’re always funding their failing merchant businesses. Lite Allies can also be a huge help when it comes to maintaining your settlement. Depending on who you’ve got, you might score daily resources or some incredibly helpful buffs to supercharge your crafting and building skills.

Lite Allies are the Diet Coke of Allies in Fallout 76, but plenty of people like Diet Coke, right? I’m hoping this guide showed you what Lite Allies do and why they might make your trek through the wasteland a little bit easier. For more on Fallout 76, check out our guides section.

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