Slide from the Independent ending in Fallout: New Vegas.
Image via Obsidian and Bethesda

Fallout: New Vegas Endings — Which is Canon?

What is the Fallout: New Vegas canon ending? Here's what you need to know about the myriad of possible endings and whether any of them are the true ending.

You can achieve many different endings in Fallout: New Vegas based on several factors, including completing quests, visiting areas, killing/sparing NPCs, and your karma. However, you might be wondering which of these endings is the true one. Here’s what you need to know about which ending in Fallout: New Vegas is canon and what that means for the future of the Mojave and its residents.

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What is the True Ending in Fallout: New Vegas?

The last slide in the ending of Fallout: New Vegas.
Image via Obsidian and Bethesda

There is no canon ending in Fallout: New Vegas. Neither Obsidian nor Bethesda has officially commented on which ending is canon. In addition, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 never really mention New Vegas in a way that provides context for which ending is canon.

To take this further, Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, the creative minds behind the Fallout TV series, confirmed they have taken a bold step in a revealing interview with GQ. They have chosen not to use any of the game’s endings, determined by your actions, for the show’s upcoming second season set in New Vegas, thereby offering a fresh and unpredictable narrative for the audience to look forward to.

In the interview, Wagner stated that they wanted the audience to know that things had happened in New Vegas while also having no expectations of where the show would pick up in Season 2. In addition, they wanted to express to viewers that nothing stays the same in the Wasteland and that new things have happened that they are excited for everyone to experience.

How Many Endings Does Fallout: New Vegas Have?

  • Mr. House in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Achieving the NCR ending in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Earning the Caesar ending in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Yes Man in Fallout: New Vegas.

There are four endings in Fallout: New Vegas, based on who you side with at the end of the game. These four endings are what fellow players use to rank when asked what their favorite ending is.

Here are the four people you can side with at the end of the game to achieve one of these endings: 

  1. Mr. House
  2. NCR
  3. Caesar’s Legion
  4. Yes Man

However, remember that while these are considered the four primary endings, none are officially canon.

Neil, a supermutant in Fallout: New Vegas
Image via Obsidian and Bethesda

After choosing one of the four options to side with, the game will present a slide show depicting your actions’ impact on the Mojave and its inhabitants. The slide show consists of 29 slides showcasing aspects such as the dam, factions, locations, companions, and your character. The content of each slide varies based on the choices and actions you made (or didn’t make in some instances) throughout the game.

Ron Perlman narrates the first few slides, explaining how your choices and karma impacted the game based on one of the four abovementioned choices. After that, a different NPC will narrate each new slide, discussing what happened in their location. For instance, on Slide 4, Neil, a Supermutant NPC, will discuss what happened in Black Mountain base.

Since Fallout: New Vegan doesn’t have a canon ending, you can decide your favorite and make it your own, which adds even more to the roleplaying aspect of the game. Check out our Fallout: New Vegas hub for more guides like How to Play the Fallout: New Vegas DLC in Order so you can experience the entire game’s story in the best way possible.

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