The P18C is overhyped with its minimal damage but insane bullets per minute.

What Makes the P18C So Good in PUBG?

The P18C is overhyped with its minimal damage but insane bullets per minute.
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The new P18C has been out for about a week now in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. And it’s been shown time and time again to decimate some enemies at close range. But is it really as awesome as everyone seems to think?

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In base terms, the P18C is just a normal pistol with short range; however, it does have an automatic feature. When describing it to other players, I call it a pre-nerfed vector in pistol form. It is a fun addition of PUBG, but I don’t forsee it changing the pistol meta very much in the long run.

Let’s break down what this weapon really does and whether it’s worth all the hype.

When is the P18C Useful?

The P18C is only useful in close range combat in PUBG. It is best used when you’re surprising your enemy, because once you use your first clip — which is enough to kill someone — you will easily be taken down. So you need to get the upper hand as quickly as possible, then make sure your enemy goes down before they can turn on you.

Which Attachments Are Best for the P18C?

There are only two attachments that are key for using the P18C to its fullest potential in PUBG — the suppressor and the extended clip.

The suppressor allows you to hide better after assassinating your target and limits the sound to less than 100 meters — compared to the normal 300 meters. This makes it perfect for stealth operations.

The extended clip is a must for this pistol because you can run out of ammo so quickly. The difference between 17 and 25 shots is enough for an additional kill if managed properly. And with the extended clip, the P18C has the largest pistol capacity in the game.

What Makes the P18C So Desirable?

The automatic functionality of the P18C allows this gun to shoot quicker than any other. This means that it does the most damage per second. However, on paper, this pistol is actually the weakest among its peers. You need to land at least 4 shots to get a kill, but it does fire at 1,000 rounds per minute — so if you get lucky or have a steady hand, you’re in good shape. But if you don’t…it’s a different story.

Another plus is that the spray pattern of the P18C is very predictable, because it goes straight up. All a player has to do is slowly move their screen down to compensate for the recoil, and it is an easy kill with an accurate shot. It’s also useful that this pistol is one of the easiest weapons to use without a scope.

You also have to account for the “new gun hype”, where everyone wants the gun just because it is new. 

Is the P18C Actually Good?

Not really. This weapon is limited to close range combat and falls off on long range. With the decrease in draw time for pistols, it is now preferable to pull your pistol in the middle of a fight if your primary weapon runs out.

If you are mainly fighting in close range, the P18C is going to be a good gun, but other pistols will do more damage allow you to be more accurate and do more damage per hit. With the P18C, you’re going to have to get up into your opponent’s face and spray him down — and with armor in the late game, it is going to be like shooting your opponent with a pea shooter. It will sting a little, but it will not do any permanent, life-threatening damage.

That wraps up this guide! Hopefully it helps you make smart loadout choices when you’re on the ground in this frenetic arena shooter. Be sure to check out the rest of our PUBG guides for even more tips and tricks that will help you come out on top. 

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