Tree Spirit Guinevere with character in Dragon is Dead.
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What to Choose at the Tree Spirit in Dragon is Dead

Find out what to choose the at the Tree Spirit here.

Much like all action roguelikes, you’ll have to be clever with your choices regarding equipment in Dragon is Dead, especially if you want to make it far. You’ll meet the Tree Spirit once you reach the Home of Guinevere. Find out what to choose when you get there here.

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Best Tree Spirit Choice in Dragon is Dead

Guinevere the Tree Spirit will offer you two boons after you clear the first area of Dragon is Dead. The two options are randomized every run, which should be a familiar concept to fans of roguelikes. However, I noticed each run is usually paired with a health buff or potion capacity increase and an armor increase or attack buff. While all of the boons are undoubtedly helpful, what do you want to choose? Well, that comes down to your playstyle.

Tree spirit guinevere in Dragon is Dead.
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If you’re confident with your dodging abilities and you can clear the first area without taking any damage, you want to go with the attack or armor buffs. If you find yourself smashing that heal button during the first run, you’ll want to increase your potion capacity or health until you’re more confident in the game’s mechanics. Notably, potions are tough to come by, so the armor and attack buffs are arguably a more reliable choice.

For instance, you might come across Lion’s Pauldron, which increases armor by 20% and resistance by 20%. These buffs will aid you in your survival without relying on potion drops. However, if you’ve got a potion in your backpack, you could opt for something like Leaf of Life, which increases your potion capacity by 1 and your max life by 35.

That does it for what to choose at the Tree Spirit in Dragon is Dead. Stay tuned with us here for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our Dragon is Dead guide hub. 

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