The hint to Margaret's computer password "me in sexy alien" from Duck Detective: The Secret Salami.
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What’s Margaret’s Computer Password in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami?

Here's how to guess Margaret's computer password in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is a simple investigation game set around the theft of some salami from a bus company’s employee lunch box. While that describes most of the game, that’s not all that Duck Detective is about. In one instance, players are tasked with hacking into the computer of another one of the company’s employees. Here’s how to figure out Margaret’s computer password in Duck Detective.

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How to Guess Margaret’s Computer Password in Duck Detective

Before we get to the solution to this puzzle, let’s look at what we know about Margaret’s computer passwords. One clue to answer this riddle is really hard to miss, as it’s prominently displayed on Margaret’s monitor. It reads: “me in sexy aliens.” If you’ve been snooping around like the noisy duck you’re supposed to be, you’ll know that Sexy Aliens is the book that someone gifted to Sophie during her surprise party. If you still haven’t seen a sign of a party, you’ll have to return to this puzzle later.

Sexy Aliens is actually Sexy Aliens Want My Number by Rufus the Penguin. It doesn’t take much to figure out that he’s the real author. If there were any doubts, the conversation on Laura’s PC spells it out completely. The second step is to realize that Margaret and Rufus are in a relationship. At this point, the puzzle becomes quite simple.

If you still need a hint, try to use Margaret’s PC to describe all characters present in the section of the novel you can read yourself. You’ll find a screenshot of that page right on this guide.

What’s Margaret’s Computer Password?

The protagonist of Sexy Aliens Want My Number represents Rufus. It stands to reason, then, that the novel’s titular sexy alien is Margaret. Therefore, the answer to Margaret’s hint “me in sexy aliens” is Purple Eyed Alien.

Margaret’s PC opens up a new line of investigation. It looks like she and Rufus are involved in some shady deals of their own. It’s up to you to figure out how this fits into the Salami Bandit’s mystery.

That’s all for our guide on how to guess Margaret’s computer password in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami. For more Duck Detective content, visit our dedicated Duck Detective guide hub.

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