We sort through the wide variety of classes in Black Desert Online, in search of the best.

What’s the Best Class in Black Desert Online?

We sort through the wide variety of classes in Black Desert Online, in search of the best.
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Black Desert Online, made by Korea-based developer Pearl Abyss, is an MMORPG that manages to combine sandbox aspects with the standard MMO experience. The action-based combat, dynamic day/night cycle, and wide scale weather effects gives the game a feeling of scope and intensity that isn’t generally attempted by the more popular MMOs.

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As with most MMO games, Black Desert Online has classes for the player to choose how they would like to experience the game. While each class represents a different method of experiencing the game there is always one that rises to the top. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the top PvE and PvP classes for Black Desert Online

The Best Class for PvE in Black Desert Online

In player versus environment situations, it is often very easy to find which class is the best, as it all depends on which one can most quickly and efficiently eliminate enemy forces. With that in mind, the title for best PvE class goes to the Wizard, who is leagues ahead of the rest. 

The Wizard (or Witch) is a magic-based class that has a lot going for it. Massive area of effect spells that deal tons of damage gives them the ability to fight larger groups, and kill enemies faster than other classes. The Wizard also has the ability to heal and doesn’t need to rely as heavily on potions, giving it an impressive survival rating.

The biggest downside to the Wizard’s gameplay tends to be that it becomes boring after a while. Most players feel that the Wizard is repetitive and tends not to be very fun in comparison to other classes.

The Best Class for PvP in Black Desert Online

  • Note: The Wizard seems to be the best class here too, but for the sake of variety we want to offer some alternative options for those who are willing to sacrifice total OP status for legitimately engaging and strategic gameplay.

The competitive scene for most games is an evolving landscape of buffs and nerfs, with each new patch potentially upsetting the entire system. To further complicate the matter, things like gear, player skill, and game mode can vastly alter how well a class performs in competitive play.  

Most players with PvP experience will agree that the Berserker is pretty powerful no matter what you’re facing. Some may be biased towards other classes based on personal experience, but overall the Berserker comes out as one of the best. Their damage output is exceptional, and they have a wide range of crowd control abilities — making them difficult to fight in one-on-one situations.  

Despite the headline of this article, the “best” class is always up for debate in any game. While the Berserker and Wizard might be considered the upper tier classes for Black Desert Online at the moment, don’t be surprised if that changes soon. As players try new things and updates come out, it’s very likely that a new class will rise to the top. Keeping track of the updates will keep you well ahead of the curve when it comes to gameplay changes. 

What’s your favorite class to play in Black Desert Online? Let me know down in the comments!

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