What’s the Best Vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2?

We run through the vehicles in this addictive racing game and tell you which one is best.

We run through the vehicles in this addictive racing game and tell you which one is best.

Hill Climb Racing 2, developed by Finnish-based Fingersoft, is an addictive racing game for iPhone in which you tap the screen to control the brake and accelerator pedal of your car. Like most driving games, the aim is to not crash the car and win the race!

The car you start off with, a Jeep, can be upgraded after winning races for better handling — but the non-souped up version is difficult to control once you get back on the ground. Even with the upgrades, it may not necessarily be the most OP car in the game.

Which cars are the best in Hill Climb Racing 2? In this short guide, we’ll be taking a look at each vehicle you can buy once you’ve climbed the racing ranks and deciding which ones you should be aiming for. 

Examining All Cars in Hill Climb Racing 2

The Scooter

Once you have reached the rank of Bronze III, the scooter becomes available for purchase. This has good handling, but can be trickier than the Jeep when you are in the air — so make sure you don’t topple over! 


The Super Jeep

Getting the rank of Silver I will allow you to unlock the Super Jeep — which as its name suggests, is a better version of the Jeep you start the game with. This car can be tough to handle at first, but once you get used to the controls of the game and learn not to mash either the brake or accelerator for a long amount of time, it can be a truly great ride.


The Motocross

You unlock this vehicle when you attain the rank of Silver II. It’s speedier than bulkier vehicles, but takes longer to reach the ground after you have driven off a hill when compared to the Super Jeep or Monster Truck you unlock later. It certainly does look stylish, but is no match for the all-round durability of the super jeep.


The Sports Car

This vehicle can be purchased when you attain the rank of Gold I. Fans of the game say this is the best one after you have maxed it out, but it can be harder to control once you accumulate some speed — leaving you with a DNF once you’ve crashed at the bottom of a hill. This car may look the best, but it is not the best performer!

The Monster Truck

The handling on this vehicle is very top heavy, meaning that it is a lot easier to crash on a big hill than the Jeep or even the unicycle (another staple of the Challenge Mode). This is available to purchase once you reach Gold I. 


The Super Diesel

Available to you from Gold II rank, this car is listed as one of the most crash-resistant in our guide to unlockable vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 2. But I have to disagree, as in my view, it’s super easy to crash this one!

The super diesel is better than the monster truck, because it’s got suspension control when you land after a hill. But ultimately it suffers from a similar problem in that it’s much easier to crash than using a lighter car.


The Tank and The Formula 1 Car

These are available when you reach Platinum rank and Diamond rank respectfully, and were introduced in the version 1.3.0 update to the game. The tank’s handling is superb, but it gets left behind as it is quite slow.

The Formula 1 car is extremely fast, and is the ideal bragging vehicle for someone who has gotten so far in the game. This car is certainly becoming the car of choice in the higher rankings, and it does look super cool and handle well. But is it the best? Not exactly.


The Best Car in Hill Climb Racing 2 Is….The Super Jeep!

The best vehicle for you is entirely subjective, as it depends on how used you are to playing the game and your individual playing style — as well as free upgrades you can unlock by logging in every day, such as wings to get your car to glide when you drive off the top of a hill.

If you’re up for our personal recommendation, though, we think the Super Jeep should be your vehicle of choice, which you can unlock pretty early on in the game. It’s pretty versatile and doesn’t have the habit of toppling over like the scooter or motocross.

If have a lot of time on your hands, the Formula 1 car is a close second. But once you’ve unlocked it, bear in mind that upgrading it comes at a cost — with a Level 17 engine costing a whopping 128,000 coins! As with many mobile games, you can upgrade without going up the rankings by using actual real life money to purchase coins if you want, but in our view, it’s more fun to unlock cars using your skill.

What do you think of our verdict? Do you swear by the maxed-out sports car and put style over substance, or do you prefer the humble Super Jeep? Let us know in the comments below! And check out the rest of our Hill Climb Racing 2 guides to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

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