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When Does CoD MW3 Season 1 Start? Answered

Modern Warfare 3 is out, but we've got a little while yet until the Season 1 start date.

Today might be the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 release date, but we’ve got a little while longer to wait for the start of Season 1 and the goodies it’ll bring. Let’s look at when CoD MW3 Season 1 starts, since that’s when the real fun begins.

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What’s to Come in Call of Duty: MW3 Season 1? Start Date and Rumors

The official Call of Duty X (Twitter) account teased some of what’s to come with Season 1, most of it being a plethora of new modes to chew on and a whole lot to get excited about. Three new core maps, and an update to Zombies?! Sign me up! I mean, I guess holiday events are cool too. But I have my priorities.

There are also rumors floating around about some guns coming with the new season, those being:

  • RAM-7 (AR)
  • TAQ Evolvere (LMG)
  • XRK Stalker (Sniper)
  • HRM-9 (SMG)
  • ARX160

These can’t be confirmed and weren’t posted from an official source, but it’s something to be aware of and potentially look forward to.

When Is CoD: MW3 Season 1 Starting?

So we have a sort of idea for what’s to be coming in MW3‘s first season, but the above doesn’t say anything about the Season 1 start date. Though Activision haven’t officially announced a date, rumor is we can safely assume that Season 1 will be starting on or around December 6. That’s three and a half weeks from the game coming out, but it’s just in time for the holiday season.

It’s likely that the Season 1 battle pass will contain 20 sectors just like the ones from Modern Warfare 2. All things considered, the two games aren’t all that different and it doesn’t make sense for them to change the battle pass format. If you’re still working on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 6 battle pass to get Spawn, you have some time left to work your way towards it.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see Season 1 start in November, but it’s very safe to assume the MW3 Season 1 start date will be in early December. Even if not on December 6, it should be early in the month. Check out some of our other CoD: MW3 guides here on GameSkinny.

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