Can't figure out how the heck to save in Pit People? Here's the answer!

When Does Pit People Save?

Can't figure out how the heck to save in Pit People? Here's the answer!
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Like many games, Pit People can be a little confusing when it comes to saving. In fact, it’s so confusing for some players that saving in Pit People has become a highly discussed issue with this game. Many are wondering how to access this function, which they think should be more obvious than it currently is. 

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But saving in Pit People isn’t a question of “how”. It’s a question of “when” and “where” players need to save their games to keep from erasing the progress they’ve made so far. And in this short guide, we’re going to tell you exactly how saving works and what in-game actions will trigger a save.

How (and When) to Save in Pit People

Besides the hub center, which we’ll talk about below, Pit People will save when players perform any of the following actions:

  • Entering the City: As players travel from town to town, the save icon appears as soon as they arrive in a new town or area. This serves as a starting point if progress gets interrupted.
  • Entering Buildings and Pit Areas: Once players enter the city, they can save again by going into city buildings or traveling to the pit. Like entering the city, it acts as a restart point for players.
  • Entering or Leaving a Player’s House: When players leave for or return home from a day of adventure, auto-save kicks in to log all the progress made.

How Auto Save Works in Pit People

In the game, auto-saving is the key to progression. After unlocking the hub center, each player can go back there — and when they do a save icon will appear in the lower right corner. That’s the only auto-save trigger that you’ll find in Pit People.

Hopefully this guide has helped you! While places to save seem obvious, there is a common consensus among players that the save icon isn’t as visible as it should be. Fortunately, this concern is being addressed by the creators of the game. 

Now you can rest your saving woes and focus on playing Pit People. Go bananas and have fun! But while you’re here, make sure you check out our guide to starting a co-op game in Pit People, and keep your eyes peeled for more helpful tips about this action RPG.

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