When Will Final Fantasy 16 be on PC? Answered

This is what we know about FF16 heading to PC.

This is what we know about FF16 heading to PC.

Final Fantasy 16 is releasing for PS5 on June 22, but will it be coming to PC at launch — or anytime thereafter? If you’re asking that question, you’re not alone. As the highly anticipated next addition to the storied RPG series, the hype surrounding FF16 is palpable. Considering many games in the series, including Final Fantasy 15, are available on PC, it’s only natural to wonder if the next installment will be, too. 

Will Final Fantasy 16 Be Coming to PC? 

At the time of writing, there has been no confirmed release date or release window for Final Fantasy 16 on PC. Currently, the game is a six-month, limited-time PS5 exclusive, meaning it won’t hit other platforms until at least the beginning of 2024, given its release date.

Even then, it’s not guaranteed that FF16 will release on PC as soon as that exclusivity contract is up on December 31, 2023. It could still be some time before the game reaches other platforms. 

During an FFXIV stream in January 2023, the question regarding a Final Fantasy 16 PC release coming at the end of the PS5 exclusivity agreement was met with confusion from Producer Naoki Yoshida.

While Yoshida’s comment doesn’t mean that there is no FF16 PC version in development, there hasn’t been an official announcement or any other confirmation of its existence. 

Though a PC version of Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be released sometime in the future, there’s no hard date attached to the speculation.

It took some two years for Final Fantasy 15 to reach PCs, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake only made its way to PC in the form of FF7 Remake Inergrade a year after the game launched on PS4 — and that was on EGS. It would be another six months before it would hit Steam. 

For now, that’s what we know about Final Fantasy 16 getting a PC release. We’ll update this article and share more information once we learn it. But the wait will likely be a long(er) one for those not on PS5. After all, we don’t know if the game is coming to Xbox platforms, either. 

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